Top 7 Online Banking Apps For Managing Your Money


New Ways To Control Your Finances: The Best Online Banking Apps of 2014

Many of us have probably already said goodbye to traditional banking methods. This means no more paper statements, balancing physical checkbooks, or walking into your bank to take a look at your balance. Online banking has made it easier to manage our money, whether through automatic bill payments, low-balance alerts, or the ever-helpful mobile banking app. With finance apps, however, you can do much more than just check your balance on the go. Money management apps can now do it all, from analyzing and charting your spending habits, to allowing you to pay for your groceries with your phone. Here’s the top 7 most useful, innovative online banking apps available in Android and Apple app stores.

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mint online banking

Mint: Finance Organization

Price: Free has been around since 2006, and currently manages the finances of over 17 million different accounts. You can’t directly manage your money through the app, but Mint works to chart and track your budget and spending by connecting to your bank account and credit cards. It automatically organizes your finances and expenses into distinct categories to show you exactly where your money is going. On the tablet and web versions, you can even receive visual graphics based on your spending activity. It also allows for easier money management by sending text or email alerts when your bills need to be paid, when your balance is low, when you’re not meeting your spending goals, or when the app detects suspicious spending activity. dollarbird online banking

Dollarbird: Calendar Based Financial Planning

Price: Free, with 4.99/month for Pro subscription Dollarbird organizes itself differently from most other financial apps. Using a calendar-based system to cleanly display and organize daily expenditures, it utilizes your inputted income and recurring expenses to calculate your current budget. It even helps build a fully customizable spending plan. Like Mint, Dollarbird also provides colorful infographics and charts to help you visualize your monthly and yearly financial habits, while also offering the option to set up recurring transactions and reminders to pay your bills. google wallet online banking

Google Wallet: Futuristic Features

Price: Free Google Wallet uses short range, peer-to-peer connections that allow you to send and receive money from nearby devices with a simple tap. With a dedicated Google Wallet balance, accompanied by a free Google Wallet Card, you can easily send money to family and friends, transfer to your bank, buy things on Google Play, or use in any other stores. Google Wallet's features don't end there. You can take a look at order tracking pulled from your Gmail account, scan in and organize existing gift cards and loyalty programs to the app, and collect offers you see online. level money and spendee online banking

Level Money and Spendee: Easy to Use, Streamlined Budgeting

Price: Free Level Money and Spendee are simple, less intimidating alternatives to finance management apps like Mint and Dollarbird. Spendee allows you to input your income and expenditures manually, transforming your inputted data into a variety of beautiful, helpful charts. It analyzes your habits and provides financial advice and information on your spending patterns, pointing out possible savings and other useful tidbits. It also provides the ability to enable important notifications and recurring payments, as well as export your financial data to platforms like Excel or Google Drive. Level Money describes their app as the “radically simple, digital equivalent of opening up your wallet to see what you can spend today, this week, or this month.” By connecting to your bank account and factoring in your income, bills, desired savings, and other expenditures, Level is able to calculate and provide a quick summary of your ‘spendable cash’ for the day, week, or month, constantly updated without the need for manual input.

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squarecash venmo online spending

Square Cash and Venmo: Hassle-Free Money Transfers

Price: 2.75% (Square Cash) to 3% (Venmo) per transaction Both Square Cash and Venmo make transferring money to your friends super simple—no more need for checks or the hassle of paying someone back in cash. Venmo is a socially-centered app that allows you to send and receive money to and from anyone in your circle. The app includes simple chat features and even the ability to request money from a group of people, in case you footed the bill last time. Once the app is linked to your debit card or bank account it only takes a couple simple clicks to transfer money, and you can move received money to your bank account overnight. Square is a more streamlined, simplified version of Venmo. It compromises the social aspect, and instead, creates an ultra-minimalistic, easy-to-use transfer service that securely sends money to anyone you want via email. Square is ideal for growing businesses, and, per your request, the company will even send you a free card reader, a small piece of plastic that plugs into your device allows you to accept credit or debit cards on iPhone, Android, or iPad. Despite initial mistrust of the security of mobile finance apps, more than 45% of internet users in North America access online banking, and the numbers continue to grow. Whether you’re looking to cut down on spending, analyze your financial habits, or just pay a couple friends back for dinner, online banking apps are making money management easy and constantly accessible. Jump into a couple of these apps and see what the new and improved version of the checkbook can do for you.
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