UTOPIA High Speed Internet Utah


Utah Telecommunication Open Infrastructure Agency (UTOPIA)

UTOPIA is available in Brigham City, Cedar City, Cedar Hills, Centerville, Layton, Lindon, Midvale, Murray, Orem, Payson, Perry, Riverton, Tremonton, Vineyard, Washington, and West Valley City, Utah. These cities have come together to form a fiber-optic network that is owned by the community, rather than a service provider. This allows many private sector service providers to access the network and provides competition for them, giving customers options when choosing their Internet, television, and telephone service providers.

UTOPIA provides your own strand of fiber-optics connected directly to your own, meaning you do not have to share your connection and your speed should be steady no matter the time of day. UTOPIA claims to be the fastest connection on Earth. Announced on November 16, 2012, Centerville City became the first city to gain connectivity to nearly all of the city’s residences and businesses thanks to a federal grant from the Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP)

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UTOPIA was one of the first open-access, fiber-optic networks available to residences as well as businesses. According to The Salt Lake Tribunepoor business choices derailed UTOPIA from the start. As of February 8, 2013, the network only served 10,000 Utahns. Legislators in Utah have refused to bail out UTOPIA from its debts and areconsidering a bill that would prohibit cities and counties from selling bonds to UTOPIA and would also prevent them from using bond money to pay off interest five years after the bonds are issued.

UTOPIA claims that their system is fine and that its physical and financial capabilities continue to strengthen. They claim that the cities that have decided not to contribute to UTOPIA’s operational needs are wrong.

UTOPIA for Business

UTOPIA offers a private connection; you select the service provider of your choice.

According to UTOPIA, benefits include:

  • 10Mbps to 10Gbps symmetrical data speeds
  • Active ethernet
  • MPLS core that enables intelligent rerouting
  • Point to point solutions
  • Longhaul capabilities
  • Increased e-commerce capabilities
  • Superior network security and reliability
  • Expanded telecommuting capabilities
  • Fully redundant dedicated fiber lines
  • Cleaner video applications
  • VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)

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UTOPIA for Residences

UTOPIA offers you high-speed Internet and clear image quality in Tremonton, Bringham City, Layton, Centerville, West Valley, Murray, Midvale, Lindon, Orem, and Payson. Choose from a number of service providers, including Dish, Bringham.net, InfoWest, Sumo, VeraCity, and XMission.

While UTOPIA may have financial issues, they offer unparalleled service options because their network is not operated and maintained by a service provider.

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