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Wildblue is an Internet Service Provider (ISP) that delivers broadband Internet directly viasatellite. For years, Wildblue, while being denigrated as slow and uneven, was the refuge of Internet users living in remote locations where traditional cable or DSL Internet was unavailable.

In fall 2011, Wildblue rolled out its new Excede Broadband service, promising speeds up to 12 Megabits per second (MBPS), faster than many mainstream ISPs and exponentially faster than Wildblue’s previous 1.5 MBPS. How is this possible, you ask? Wildblue launched a new satellite with 20 times the bandwidth capacity of its old satellite.

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How It Works

After you sign up to their service, a Wildblue technician comes to your home and installs a 26” satellite dish, similar in size and appearance to a Dish or DirecTV satellite. This dish communicates with the satellite in space. Next, the technician sets up your Wildblue satellite modem, which is plugged into your satellite dish. This modem is the access point to the Internet for all your devices. You can plug in your computer, TV or other internet-capable device, or connect a wireless router and set up a Wi-Fi network.


The different Wildblue service plans cap the amount of data you may download every month.

  • Moderate: This plan costs $49.99/month, capping you at 7.5 GB/month. That’s enough data to check email and read news online but that’s about it: no video streaming or online gaming. Wildblue describes this as the service for the “occasional” user.
  • More: The next stage, which costs $79.99/month, allows you 15 GB/month, enough for the average user who watches the occasional online video and uses more data.
  • Most: The most Internet you can get in a month is 25 GB, which is enough for the average user who also streams video, but probably still not enough for the Internet junkie who downloads large files, streams videos and plays online games. This plan costs $130/month.

Another reason gamers will skip right over Wildblue is that the physics of satellite transmission create latency, resulting in lag during game play.

Another disadvantage to Wildblue is that bad weather affects your Internet connection. Satellite television customers are familiar with rain and snow occasionally hindering their connection, but this shortcoming is no worse than the myriad issues DSL and cable customers face.

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Wildblue Is Right For Me! Who Am I?

  • I live in a rural area without access to reliable, affordable broadband carriers. I like Wildblue because I get direct, in-home access and don’t have to drive into town any more! Also, Wildblue frees up my landline and gets rid of that annoying dial-up that I was (still) using.
  • I live in a city, but I just love the blazing fast speeds Wildblue offers—this page loaded in less than a second!
  • I don’t use a lot of Internet at home, so I’m glad that I can get all the speed without paying for more Internet than I’ll use.
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Updated on: November 10, 2015

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