7 Home Sale Mistakes To Avoid


The Common Mistakes Of Home Sellers

Wise people often say mistakes are an essential part of life, because they teach you life lessons. Some mistakes, however, are just not worth the future payoff—like in a home sale, where one error can prolong the process or spoil the entire sale. In today’s unsettling housing market, buyers are in the driver’s seat. Mishaps can send them running to one of the other hundreds of houses for sale, leaving an earnest seller in the dust. In order to avoid potential blunders, take a look at some of the most popular mistakes home sellers make. SEE ALSO: 5 Tips For Simultaneously Buying And Selling A House

1. Leaving your Home “As Is”

Though you may love your olive-green dining room walls, they may distract potential buyers from seeing the house decorated with their own personal style. Depersonalize your home by painting walls a neutral color and removing taste-specific décor. Eliminate clutter, and leave only essential furniture and accessories.

2. Being Dishonest

Failing to disclose home flaws can result in the loss of a sale. Serious buyers will hire an inspector to examine your property. Once the buyers discover you failed to fully disclose, they’ll wonder what other secrets you’re hiding.

3. Pricing the Home Too High

An inflated home price will turn away buyers and keep your home on the market for a long time. Research the competition in your area, and consider the overall condition of your home when pricing it. Consult with a real estate professional if needed.

4. Making Showings Exclusive

Never turn away a prospective buyer, regardless of how inconvenient it is to show your home. Also arrange showings when you’re not present. Buyers feel uncomfortable looking at a home and discussing the purchase when the sellers are watching their every move.

5. Putting Emotions Before Business

The negotiation process is purely a business transaction. If you let emotions cloud your thinking, you can potentially lose a sale. When negotiating offers, stay rational and consider all variables. A high-priced offer may tickle your ears, but if the buyers cannot follow through, the sale won’t happen.

6. Smoking Inside

If you’re a smoker, you’ll have a harder time selling your home unless you take the proper steps to remove the odor. Repaint and professionally clean and deodorize your carpets and furniture. Consider smoking outdoors while your property is on the market. SEE ALSO: Everything You Should Know About Seller Financing

7. Not Preparing For An Appraisal

Keep your house tidy and in order, even after you receive and accept an offer. An untidy house may lower your home’s appraisal; as a result, it may affect the price at which you can sell your property. Work with a real estate professional who can participate in the appraisal process.
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Updated on: November 10, 2015

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