7 Practical Home Staging Tips To Get Your Home Photo And Show Ready


By now you should realize that the first showing of your home will most likely be online.  In today’s real estate market, it is now imperative when getting ready for photos and showings that your home is in top shape.   After all, who doesn’t want great pictures of their home to draw buyer’s interest and bring in multiple offers?  Imagine if you were getting ready for a professional photo shoot for yourself. What preparations would you make in order to put your best face forward?  When selling what is likely your biggest investment, why wouldn’t you take the same time to prepare your home for its biggest debut? Home staging is your secret weapon in not only prepping your home for photos, but also for in-person showings.  Home staging does not have to be expensive either. Most recommendations when staging your home are “sweat equity” investments. Your sweat equals your return on equity! Here are 7 practical home staging tips to get your home photo and show ready!
  1. Take a photo of every room in your house from each of the entry ways. Look at the photos on your device or your laptop.  This is what your prospective buyers will see online.Are you proud of what you’re about to sell? Is what you see something you can sell for top dollar? Would you buy it in the condition it’s currently in?
  1. Clear the clutter, excess furnishings, rugs and anything that distracts the eye from the room in the photo. Focus on selling what stays in the home after you’re gone.  It’s never the “stuff” we own but the house itself; all the great upgrades, beautiful architectural details and perhaps that awesome view. Remove anything that isn’t essential to showcasing the space and pack up anything smaller than a cantaloupe. Yes, the fruit! Small scale décor and collectibles don’t translate well in photos or in person, it’s best to pack them and use larger scale décor for drawing eyes in, not distracting a buyer’s attention.
  2. Remove all items from the tops of kitchen cabinets and clear the counters as much as possible in the kitchen and bathrooms. Simple decorative items are fine, but not in excess. Think “hotel like” especially in the bathrooms. No one wants to be reminded of work involved in keeping up a home.kitchen staged by karen otto
  3. Remove heavy, dated drapery and valances. Valances especially “cut” the room from the ceiling as the eye naturally drops or rises to the darkest point in the photo.  Why not elevate the eye and the space?  If it’s not possible to remove drapery, at least keep them open at all times to allow light to flood the room.
  4. Purchase new bedding, towels and shower curtains. Have your linens seen their life expectancy? Now would be a great time to replace and refresh them and they’ll be going with you to your new home anyway! Consider seasonal colors depending on the time of year you’ll be listing.bedroom staging karen otto
  5. Strive for balance in the room. When repositioning furnishings and décor, find the focal or center point in the space. Work your furnishings and décor around it, even if it means floating furniture in the room.  To “float” furniture, simply pull furniture into the space and create a conversation area.  In a family room or living area work for centering the furniture in the room. Sofas and occasional seating should be about 18” to 20” away from the coffee table.  Even if you don’t dwell this way, it’s important to sell the space this way!living room staged by karen otto
  6. Make sure the agent your hire works with a professional photographer! Ask the agents you are interviewing to show their portfolio of prior listings. If the photos don’t represent professional quality keep interviewing agents!
  As a working professional home stager in the Dallas, Texas real estate market for almost a decade, I can assure you that by implementing these do-it-yourself home staging tips, you’re positioning your home in market ready condition to appeal to the most buyers for the best price.  Like any other product on the market homes need to be packaged and priced right!   All work by www.HomeStarStaging.com and photos © www.UniqueExposurephotography.com
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Updated on: November 10, 2015

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