5 Essential Steps For Preparing A New Home For Move-In


Preparing A New Home Can Make The Moving Process Less Stressful

Buying and moving into a new home is an exciting process, but it can also end up being a pretty stressful ordeal. There’s a lot to remember and whole list of things to take care of during a move. According to Jiffy Moves, it takes about seven hours for two movers to load and unload objects for the average American household (2 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms). However, if you’ve been properly preparing a new home before moving in, the process should be much less of a headache. In order to make sure that you’ve done everything you can to make move in quick, easy, and painless, here’s a checklist of the five most important steps to prepare a new home for move-in. SEE ALSO: 7 Bad Neighborhood Features Every Homebuyer Should Avoid

1. Set Up Your TV and Internet Plans Beforehand

The last thing you want to do after finally setting up all your furniture in is get stuck with no cable or internet access to relax. As some cable and internet providers are only active in certain areas, moving may also mean changing your service provider, something you should research and determine beforehand. You definitely don’t want to be calling up cable providers and researching internet services after move-in, especially when it’s easy to set up and arrange TV and internet services beforehand.

2. Prepare the Utilities You’re Going To Need

Preparing a new home also includes scheduling the transfer of your current utilities to your new home, or set up new utilities to be ready for move-in day. Your real estate agent can usually find and prepare relevant phone numbers for you if you’re having difficulty. While you’re taking care of utilities, it can also be useful to organize and arrange personal accounts and other services, such as magazine subscriptions and other mailing services which will need to be re-routed to your new residence.

3. Clean, Vacuum, Scrub And Dust Your New Home

Especially if your new home hasn’t been lived in or maintained for a while, cleaning and dusting can take just as long as moving in. Hiring a cleaning service is another option to consider, but whether or not you choose to call a service, it can be a huge help if you vacuum, wash windows, dust, and clean before move in day. That way you can get straight to unpacking and setting up instead of spending time cleaning. It’s also important to note that the kitchen and bathrooms in a house often take the longest to clean, especially because sinks, ovens, showers, and bathtubs can require some serious scrubbing. You can make your to-do list for move-in day much shorter if you prepare your new home’s bathroom and kitchen beforehand.

4. Label Rooms And Boxes To Help Out Movers And Organize Your Items

If you’re using a moving service, you can make things a lot easier for you and for the movers by labeling or color-coding your boxes and rooms. Place sticky notes or signs near each doorway, and label all your boxes to correspond with these signs: this makes it clear exactly where each box should go in the house. Even if you’re not using a moving service, this is a great way to organize and streamline your packing and unpacking. If all the living room boxes are already in the living room when you start to unpack, it’ll make setting everything up a much faster experience than searching your house for the right box. SEE ALSO: 5 Renovations That Kill Your Property Value

5. Make Sure Everything Works To Prevent Nasty Surprises

Though this is a step everyone goes through prior to purchasing a home, it definitely doesn’t hurt to check that all necessary appliances and utilities work before you begin to move in. Check the lights, sprinklers, showers, dishwasher, garage door, toilets, and anything else that could possibly break and cause you unneeded stress. That way, you can arrange proper repairs if anything has broken, and avoid unpleasant surprises during move-in. Checking the gas on the stove and furnace and trying out other gas appliances is also an important step to put on your checklist. If you’re concerned about gas leakages you can call The Gas Company to check your appliances for leaks and damage free of charge, for extra peace of mind during your move-in process. Preparing a new home for your move-in can seem like a daunting process, one which you might be tempted to put off until the movers come. However, preparing a new home will also make move-in day a lot easier, and possibly even enjoyable. These five simple steps will make home preparation a breeze.
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Updated on: November 10, 2015

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