Why Are People Moving To The San Francisco East Bay?


In Particular, Why Are They Moving To San Ramon, Danville, Blackhawk And Alamo?

There are a number of reasons why people are drawn to our area, but first let’s look at where they are coming from. Of all the real estate transactions I have handled in the past few years, I find that the buyers can be classified into one of two groups – either they are being relocated to the area or they are moving from elsewhere in the Bay Area where the standard of education is not quite so good. In the latter group, I see a lot of buyers coming from fairly close by – Dublin, Castro Valley, Hayward, and Fremont, for example. Then, perhaps more surprisingly, from more affluent areas such as Milpitas, San Jose, Cupertino and Mountain View. The transferees come from all over, of course, but they are not necessarily going to be working in the East Bay. Their jobs could be in Silicon Valley or San Francisco but this is where they choose to live. By now you may have guessed that a major reason for moving to the East Bay is our excellent public schools. The San Ramon Valley Unified School District is outstanding and it covers all of the cities I mentioned above. And first class schools can also be found in adjoining parts of the East Bay such as Walnut Creek, Lafayette, Moraga and Orinda. But it’s not just about the schools. The overall quality of life we enjoy here is envied by many. For one thing, our weather is hard to beat. The only snow we see is a light dusting on the peak of Mount Diablo and the temperature rarely goes above 100 degrees, even on the hottest days. So, we take advantage of the outdoors in our many parks by sailing, boating and water-skiing or just enjoying the weather while we sip a latte outside a coffee shop or have dinner at one of the restaurants with outdoor seating area. Of course the snow isn’t too far away either. You can be skiing or sailing in around two hours or less from most parts of the East Bay. And then there is our Real Estate. Yes, it is more expensive than in many areas but compared to San Francisco and many parts of Silicon Valley, it is bargain-priced. Detached single family homes start around $650,000 (less for attached ones) and there are condos from the low $200,000s. At the other extreme, particularly in parts of Alamo and Blackhawk, you could find a choice of substantial properties priced close to or even above $10 million. Despite these prices, there is no shortage of would be buyers. Most homes that are listed for sale at realistic prices are selling within days, often above list price and with multiple offers. Yes, the East Bay has a lot to offer and it is no surprise to me that people are flocking hear in there droves. I feel lucky to call it home.
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Updated on: November 10, 2015

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