Cross-Country Move Considerations: The South


The South: Home of Hospitality

Known for its one-of-a-kind accent, delicious foods, and strong sense of pride, the South is one of America’s most infamous regions. With years of history packed into these states, the South has seen a lot of migration and the states have changed significantly (albeit slowly) because of it. If you’re considering moving to the South, you’ll need to get use to a more relaxed lifestyle. You’ll also need to take into account these factors: SEE ALSO: 6 Need-To-Know Tips For Relocating To A New City On Your Own

The Culture

Compared to their northern counterparts, Southerners move a lot slower. People walk slower, drive slower, and often talk slower. That isn’t necessarily a good or a bad thing, unless you are extremely impatient. Hospitality is also a big thing there, as is chivalry. You shouldn’t be surprised if someone holds open the door for you, says “hello,” or calls you “sir or ma’am.” The politeness comes natural to this society and is a source of pride for them. Another thing that southerners are proud of is their food. While your options might not be the healthiest in the South, they will likely be the tastiest. The South provides a surprising variety of foods. Though they aren’t well known for ethnic foods (beyond Cajun/creole food), restaurants can have anything from BBQ to boiled peanuts or even crab on the menu.

The Costs

  • Average cost of gas for Charlotte: $3.28 (US average: $3.38)
  • Average cost of bread for Charlotte: $2.02 (US: $1.42)
  • Average cost of milk for Charlotte: $2.62 (US: $3.86)
  • Average cost of energy for Charlotte: $0.129 per KWH (US: $0.134)
This region of America has a cost of living that is very close to the national average. It’s unsurprising, then, that six of the 10 states with the lowest cost of living are in the South (HowStuffWorks). The South is also heavily represented in most affordable cities lists (Forbes). So, if you are lucky enough to find a job in the South, you will be able to afford a surprising amount when it comes to housing and basic needs, like transportation and food. If you need any evidence, take Trulia’s heat map of home prices. A quick zoom out reveals just how low home prices are in this region.


While you’re not going to be surfing the web at incredibly fast speeds in this region, you will be saving money overall on utilities. Just as the cost of living in the South is low, so too is the price of utilities. The money you save on basic housing costs can be put towards more pressing things, like finding the best seafood joint in your area. SEE ALSO: 6 Cheapest Packing Methods To Save You Money

What You’ll Need

The easygoing environment that the South provides its residents doesn’t require much out of the ordinary to move there. However, there are a few things you should consider getting. For example:
  • A gym membership. Unless you’re planning on packing on the pounds in the South, you’ll want to hit the gym to work off all the butter-filled, barbequed deliciousness that is southern food.
  • A rain coat, or twelve. Many areas of the south are hit with mega storms. Hurricanes along the coast are pretty common too. Be prepared.
  • A rocking chair for your new front porch. Because, really, why not?
  • A positive attitude. Even if Southerners know you’re a transplant from another area of the country, they will most likely be polite. Striking up a conversation shouldn’t be hard.
With a little money and some perseverance, you can make the South your home in no time. Just beware of all the biscuits. After a few too many, you might have to create new notches in your belt.
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Updated on: November 10, 2015

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