Everything You Need To Know About Mini Movers


What Are Mini Movers?

So, you’re looking to move. You have a bed and maybe a few pieces of furniture, but nothing too major. You’ve called all the major movers in the area, but most of them will not service you. The move is just too small. It wouldn’t be monetarily worth it for them. And, speaking of money, the few movers that will service you want to charge much more than the moving services are worth. At the same time, the weight of your items is too much for you to ask your friends for help without feeling guilty. That’s where mini movers come in. Mini movers specialize in small moves—anything from picking up a couch from IKEA to moving everything in your one bedroom apartment. They also do it for a price that is more affordable than their competition because mini moves typically take less time and labor. The affordability of this option might make you want to reconsider your traditional movers, or the worrisome alternative—your friends. SEE ALSO: 6 Cheapest Packing Methods To Save You Money

What They Move

Unlike traditional movers, mini movers will move:
  • Individual pieces of furniture, like a couch
  • Items within the home (moving a heavy couch to another room)
  • Small rooms of furniture, like bedrooms or bathrooms
Mini movers are especially useful for young adults who are moving. For example, college-age students do not have a ton of furniture. However, they might have several heavy items they don’t have the means to transport. Mini movers can help them move their items from their dorm to their new apartment for a price they—or you—can afford. Mini movers also usually have a weight limit. Many mini movers will not move any item or group of items over 1,000 pounds. Others are more lax on their restrictions, allowing up to 3,000 or even 5,000 pounds. It all depends on the company and how much you are willing to pay.

Where They Move It

As the name implies, mini movers often move items short distances. These movers are willing to come into your house and move things from room to room or even across your apartment complex to another apartment. But that’s not all mini movers do. They can also move things across town or even across the country, as long as your items meet the weight restrictions. So, distance is not really an issue for mini movers. The weight of the items is more important. SEE ALSO: 6 Need-To-Know Tips For Relocating To A New City On Your Own

What Type Of Mover Do You Need?

No two moves are exactly the same. So, it makes sense that mini movers aren’t always the best option. Here are some questions you should ask yourself when deciding between a regular mover and a mini mover:
  • Do I have a lot of stuff? If you’re moving a few items in your bedroom, you might consider a mini mover. If you are moving everything in your two bedroom house, you might want to book a regular mover.
  • Is the stuff that I have heavy? No one is expecting you to weigh every item in your home to find out how much it all weighs. However, if you’re expecting to move your baby grand piano, dining room set, and boat from California to New York, you can probably estimate that this is over the amount a mini mover will be willing to carry.
  • Where am I moving to? Even if you do have a lot of stuff, you might want to consider mini movers if you’re only moving a few miles away, or even just within your own apartment complex.
  • Do I have buff friends looking for a free meal? This seems a bit silly to ask, but if you have friends that are willing to help you move, then you might not want to bother hiring movers at all.
With any move, the most important thing to keep in mind is size. If your move is too big for simple shipping, but too small for a full-fledged mover, mini movers might be right for you.
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Updated on: November 10, 2015

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