Movers Packing Vs Packing By Yourself: Which Is Better?


The Factors You Need To Consider For Packing

No matter who you are, moving is an intimidating prospect. Not only will you have to find a new place to live; you might also have to make new friends, change all of your providers and services (doctors, etc.), and pack all of your belongings. To many, though, packing might be the scariest part of moving. It can be especially overwhelming if you have a lot of stuff, but regardless of how much you need to pack, it’s always a stressor you don’t need. That’s why many movers offer a packing service. For those without the time—and who are willing to fork out the extra cash—a packing service is a life saver. But are packing services always worth it? It really depends on several factors. SEE ALSO: 6 Cheapest Packing Methods To Save You Money


For virtually anyone, money is a huge factor, especially when it comes to big investments like moving. Hiring people to pack your boxes is definitely not going to make the move any cheaper. According to, the cost of having movers pack for you can range anywhere from about $320 to $1850. It all depends on the size of your home and the amount and type of stuff you have. For example, a person with a large house and a huge collection of fine china is going to pay a lot more for packing services than someone with plastic furniture in a one bedroom apartment.


On the other hand, if you’re a busy body who doesn’t have a second to spare for packing, then you might be better off hiring movers to pack for you. Having someone pack for you will save you time, not only because you won’t have to sort through all your things, but also due to the fact that professional movers are much swifter with packing than most people. According to UPack, it usually takes people a day or more of focused packing to pack their belongings.  On the other hand, for an experienced mover to pack your things, it could take anywhere from two to twelve hours, depending on the size of your home and the number of belongings you have. This could be a huge time saver if you’re in a pinch and need to move out.


As previously mentioned, how much you own and how much you’re taking with you also factor in to hiring people to pack for you. Of course, if you have a lot of items, it will cost a lot to move them regardless of if you hire movers to pack for you or not. Depending on how many items you have, you might want to hire someone to pack for you.


The quality of your items matters too, as does their sentimental value. An original painting from a long deceased painter is probably something you won’t want to take a chance on by packing it yourself. Of course, trust is also a big issue here, so if you do not trust the movers to pack your items properly, you will have to pack them yourself. Even if you do hire movers to pack, you might consider packing items with more sentimental value yourself. That way, you know where they are at all times and can sleep more soundly at night.


How do you go about packing a glass statue that’s too big for a regular box? What about a harp, or a piano? While YouTube might profess to give you the correct answers to all of these questions, there’s no telling where the video creators got their information from, or if it’s even correct. A professional mover’s job is to safely transport items, so they definitely know how to pack all of these things—and more—in a way that will guard them against pretty much any peril. The bottom line is: the more difficult items you have to pack or disassemble, the more you should hire movers to help you pack. SEE ALSO: 5 Unexpected Moving Expenses Everyone Needs To Know About

Other Options

Of course, if you do not have the money to spend on a moving company packing your things, and you don’t have the time to pack all your stuff on your own, there are some other solutions you can use to help you pack. For example, companies like TaskRabbit set you up with someone who will help you pack your house for a price that is lower than a team of movers. Of course, if you can’t afford that, you might be able to bribe your friends into helping you pack. It’ll probably just take some pizzas and praise. Just make sure that they pack correctly. Possibly worse than the actual moving day are the days and weeks of packing beforehand. But, if you have the money to spare, hiring movers to pack your boxes for you can save you time and help you relax, knowing that your boxes were packed correctly.
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Updated on: November 10, 2015

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