You Deserve A Stress Free PCS


A Permanent Change of Station (PCS) can be a stressful transition for a number of military members especially those with families. can save families valuable time when setting up home services. Find, shop, compare, and save on High Speed Internet, Cable TV, Satellite TV, Utilities, Solar, Insurance, and Mortgage Rates. There are over 300,000 home service providers offering different plans and pricing for every neighborhood in America.

With more than 600,000 military members moving every year, there is no other demographic that searches for home services as frequently. And traveling with them are 300,00 dependents. In turn, this creates a higher demand to have those home services installed as soon as the moving truck arrives. Use to pre-schedule installations so that everything is ready for the first day in the new home. is proud to be able to offer military members additional services. During a PCS, it is only natural to be curious about your next command and we have developed a military relocation tool to help. allows users to search for their base and displays an overview of the city where the new base is located. There is information about population, home prices, average rent, crime rates, and more to assist during their relocation.

Several of the 300,000 home service providers offer our country's military members and veterans discounts on the services they provide. Head over to to learn more and start receiving the discounts available in your area! continuously strives to provide our military members with the tools and services to give them, a stress free PCS. When relocating, don't forget to use to find, shop, compare and save on home services.

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Updated on: October 06, 2016

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