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Internet Providers in Sturgis, MS

AT&T U-verse Home Internet 39769 Area
$16.67 Per Mbps
$10.00 Per Mbps
$45.33 Per Mbps
$5.83 Per Mbps
$3.33 Per Mbps
$2.50 Per Mbps
$1.44 Per Mbps
HughesNet Home Internet 39769 Area
$5.00 Per Mbps
$7.00 Per Mbps
$8.00 Per Mbps
Satellite Internet Home Internet 39769 Area
$5.00 Per Mbps
$6.00 Per Mbps
$5.33 Per Mbps
HughesNet Business Internet 39769 Area
$8.00 Per Mbps
$10.00 Per Mbps
$13.00 Per Mbps
$10.67 Per Mbps

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Wireless Hotspots Free Wireless Internet in Sturgis, MS

Main Street, Sturgis, MS 39769

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  • Geraldine

    Verified Review

    5 / 5 stars

    WOW Service and Super Easy on Me! and representative, Sassi, were FANTASTIC. I had literally spent hours with individual service providers that were not even sure they could assist in my zip code. Telephone waits on hold and Chats on line got me nowhere. had the resources to check the information quickly and compare services. I cannot say enough about Sassi. Just a doll! So patient, so informative and simply the best!

  • Dorothy

    Verified Review

    5 / 5 stars

    Very helpful, will save number.

    Sassi was very helpful and pleasant. She really understood what I wanted and did her very best to help me, even going out of her way and spending a good deal of time when it turned out the service I was requesting was not available in my area, even though the computer said it was. She gave me a bundle that looks to be everything that I will be happy with.

  • Tonya

    Verified Review

    5 / 5 stars


    Justin was awesome I will refer him to everyone I know he made my day very knowledgeable and professional excellent customer service I actually give 10 stars.

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