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HughesNet Plans & Pricing

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HughesNet Plans & Pricing

Internet Speed
Internet Speed:
Up to 100 Mbps
Availability in the U.S.
Availability in the U.S.:
53 States

Hughesnet Internet Availability

There are several internet connection types out there, but Hughesnet offers its customers only one of them: satellite. Extending satellite internet to over 330.4 million people across all 50 states and 3 territories, Hughesnet is the largest residential satellite internet provider in the country. Even if you enjoy the off-grid life, it’s nice to know that you can find Hughesnet plans starting at $49.99 per month for 24 months wherever you need to access the internet.

However, if you’re looking for fiber levels of speed, you may need to look elsewhere. Hughesnet download speeds max out at 100 Mbps, offering just enough broadband for surfing the web, sending emails, streaming standard video, and listening to your Spotify playlist.

Hughesnet Internet Connections and Availability

Connection type

Transmission method

Starting Price 

Download speeds


Signals transmitted between satellite dish and orbiting satellite

$49.99 per month (for six months)

Up to 100 Mbps

Hughesnet Internet Contracts and Data Caps

We’d all love to buy internet service with no strings attached, but like most internet providers (and tuxedo rental places), Hughesnet requires customers to commit to a contract. Think about the following reasons why you may or may not want to sign the required 24-month service agreement with Hughesnet:

Why You Might Want to Sign a Contract With Hughesnet

Hughesnet makes internet access possible even for households located in the most remote locations, and outside of its main competitor Viasat, Hughesnet may be the only option. These are some of the advantages of signing up with Hughesnet:

  • Receive a promotional rate for a portion of your contract. 
  • Access the internet even in rural areas and Wi-Fi dead zones. 
  • Gain the ability to save with Hughesnet bundles. 

Why You Might Not Want to Sign a Contract With Hughesnet

We think Hughesnet offerings make great internet solutions, but there are definitely reasons to think twice before signing on the dotted line. Here are some disadvantages to signing up with Hughesnet:

  • Lose the ability to relocate for two years without paying a penalty. 
  • Pass up better promotions and deals from other providers.  
  • Pay more for your plan once promotions expire.

No matter how simple or complex your internet activities may be, every task you complete on the internet uses data. The amount of data you need depends on your specific household, and Hughesnet’s various internet plans offer a monthly data allowance between 15 GB and 200 GB to offer flexibility for your situation.

If you consume more data than your plan’s monthly allotment, Hughesnet won’t cut you off or charge you a penalty fee, but it will reduce your internet speed to 1-3 Mbps for the remainder of the month. If that happens or you’re expecting to use more data than your plan includes, you can purchase Data Tokens from Hughesnet to restore your speed or avoid losing it in the first place. That said, data doesn’t come cheap.

Hughesnet Data Tokens

Data amountCost
2 GB $3
6 GB $9
15 GB $15
25 GB $25
50 GB $50

Keeping up with your data usage doesn’t have to be complicated, though. If you know your internet usage and follow it closely, you can stay within Hughesnet’s limits (no matter how stringent they are). We assembled the following table to give you some real-world examples of the internet activities you can expect to do with your Hughesnet data allowance:

Hughesnet Internet Data Caps

Plan data cap

Data cap equivalence

200 GB

80 hours of HD TV streaming

100 GB

40 hours of HD TV streaming

50 GB

72 hours of SD TV streaming

30 GB

225 app downloads

15 GB

1,000 hours surfing the web

Hughesnet Internet Customer Service

The internet is a magical wonderland, well … until it stops working. Then, it becomes Davy Jones’ Locker, leaving you in a whirlpool of questions and frustration. With Hughesnet, you can expect a quick rescue, With Hughesnet, you can expect a quick rescue, as Hughesnet has an A+ rating from Better Business Bureau for promptly and kindly handling all customer issues.

Whether you want to negotiate an upgrade or ask a question about your bill, you can connect with Hughesnet customer service through multiple avenues, including email, live chat, or social media. Hughesnet also has several resources you can explore to find videos and articles about the topics relevant to you.

The Value of Hughesnet Internet

Extending internet access to almost every corner of the United States, Hughesnet provides satellite internet to everywhere, including areas isolated from other connection types. Is access enough for you to purchase Hughesnet? Explore these pros and cons of Hughesnet internet to help you with your decision:

Pros and Cons of Hughesnet Internet

  • Universally accessible
  • Highly rated customer service
  • Innovative satellite technology
  • No hard data caps
  • Required 24-month contracts
  • Expensive ETFs
  • Slow download speeds
  • Pricey equipment

At the end of the day, we think Hughesnet is a great answer if you live in an area that isn't serviced by many (or any) internet providers. With several data consumption allowances, high-speed internet, and the option to bundle multiple services, Hughesnet can keep your household connected no matter where it's located.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hughesnet Internet

Is Hughesnet internet available in my area?

Hughesnet is widely available across the U.S. To see if it’s in your area, enter your address into our search bar below, or scroll to the bottom of this page and locate your neighborhood. If it’s highlighted in blue, Hughesnet serves your area.

Check Availability By Address

How much does Hughesnet internet cost per month?

Hughesnet internet plans start at $49.99 per month for 24 months.

Is Hughesnet unlimited internet?

Hughesnet plans are technically unlimited, though your connection will be throttled when you reach your data limit.

Does Hughesnet require a contract?

Hughesnet requires a two-year service contract before initiating service. This lengthy commitment is primarily due to the equipment, installation, and maintenance involved with satellite internet.

Can you stream Netflix on Hughesnet satellite internet?

You can absolutely stream Netflix and other streaming platforms across your Hughesnet satellite internet service. Your best bet for saving on your monthly data allotment is to watch in standard-definition (SD) since high-definition (HD) viewing takes up more bandwidth.

Is online gaming possible with Hughesnet satellite internet?

You can game online with Hughesnet satellite internet, but you’ll need to take some measures to improve your performance. Don’t run programs in the background, use a wired connection, don’t perform downloads, and make sure you’re the only user online in the house.


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