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Moving Comparison Tool

Compare the cost of moving, home service availability, and safety between two cities

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Most Popular Cities by Relocation Rate

*Cities shown here scored most popular for relocation in analysis of InMyArea sales and traffic data in 2019.

Where is this data from?

Numbeo, a database where users contribute data about the cities they live in, provides the average gas prices, basic utilities cost, median rent and median home or condo prices.

Thanks to our partnerships with local and nationwide providers, we have an internal database of internet and TV plans and prices available to every city across the country.

The FBI releases an annual report through their Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program. The number of property crimes and violent crimes above are from the 2017 UCR report.

How did we calculate the scores?

To calculate the cost of living score, we graded each city's average rent, utilities and gas prices based on their deviation from the national average for each category.

The internet and TV scores grade the value of internet and TV providers available in the area. To determine the value of internet providers, we grade each plan based on their price per Mbps, contract length, transfer or connection type, data cap and speed. An internet provider's score is the average of each of their plans' score; a city's internet score is the average of each internet provider's score compared to the average number of providers and average speed per city nationwide.

To grade the value of TV providers, we grade each plan based on the price per channel, contract length and number of channels. Similar to a city's internet grade, a city's TV grade is the average of each TV provider's grade which is an average of each plan's score.

The factors determining a city's safety score are the odds of being a victim of a violent crime and a property crime along with an estimated loss if someone becomes a victim of a property crime. We calculated the estimated property crime loss by taking the FBI's average property crime loss and multiplying it by the property crime rate.

Breaking Down The Scores

When looking at the cost of living score, remember the letter grade indicates how much a city's cost of living differs from the average cost of living nationwide.

You may see a city with faster speeds, more channels or more providers receiving a lower grade than a city with slower speeds, less channels or less providers, but that is because our internet and TV scores focus on how valuable a provider’s plan is to your wallet as well as how they compare to cities nationwide.

Some people care more about speed and connection type or contract length more than price while there are others who care about price more than anything else. By grading plans, providers and a city’s internet and TV options on their values rather than just the number of features, you'll have an easier time knowing which plans give the best quality for the lowest price.

Our safety scores focus on probability. Danger is unavoidable but knowing how likely you are to be a victim of a crime lets you know how frequent crime occurs in an area.

Frequently Asked Moving Questions

Can I bring my internet and TV provider with me?
Most providers make it easy for you to transfer your internet and TV service as long as you let them know ahead of time. Our zip search tool allows you to see if your current internet provider will be available in your new area. If so, there’s a couple things you can do to make your move as smooth as possible, like calling your provider at least two weeks before moving to schedule your service transfer.

How much does it cost to transfer services?
The cost to move your internet or TV services vary by provider. Some providers charge a one-time $9.99 transfer fee while others require you to pay an installation fee. Our internet and TV moving guide breaks down the cost of moving your internet and TV services by provider.

What if my provider isn’t available in my new area?
Most cities across the US have multiple internet and TV providers available to them. If you’re current provider isn’t available in your new area, use our search tool to find out which providers are available and how to get the best deals on internet and TV.