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Broadband Data

Broadband Internet allows for simultaneous and high-speed transmission of multiple signal types. It can be delivered via traditional “cable”, optical fiber, and copper or wirelessly such as satellite delivery. High-speed Internet access is thousands of times faster than the original dial-up service from 20+ years ago. Broadband makes it easy to shop, be entertained, and become educated and informed. No more trips to the mall or the library.

Populous states and major metropolitan areas will usually have the most options available to residents for “wired” broadband access because the costs of the infrastructure can be spread over more customers. States with more rural and sparsely populated areas will find high-speed satellite as a viable option. In any case, you will be able to choose some monthly plan with the combination of price and speed that fits your needs.

Data Spotlight

Cable TV Data

Consumers have a wide-range of options for cable TV service. In any given area, you will have a choice of multiple “wired” providers as well as service offered by major satellite TV providers. Making a decision about what service to subscribe to can be complicated because different providers don’t offer exactly the same thing, making comparisons difficult.

In your area, you should first evaluate the actual programming service – does the service have the main channels you want to watch and what premium channels are available? Then you also have to take the monthly price into consideration – does it fit your budget? And then you will also have to understand the physical equipment – set top box, dish receiver, remotes – as well as the software features with each. And remember, many times cable TV can be bundled with Internet or other services from the same provider for a discount.

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