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1. New York, NY
16 Providers Available
2. Los Angeles, CA
27 Providers Available
3. Houston, TX
25 Providers Available
4. Chicago, IL
15 Providers Available
5. Miami, FL
11 Providers Available
6. San Antonio, TX
24 Providers Available
7. Philadelphia, PA
7 Providers Available
8. Phoenix, AZ
13 Providers Available
9. Las Vegas, NV
14 Providers Available
10. San Diego, CA
12 Providers Available
11. Dallas, TX
19 Providers Available
12. Denver, CO
36 Providers Available
13. Cleveland, OH
15 Providers Available
14. Baltimore, MD
10 Providers Available
15. Fort Worth, TX
20 Providers Available
16. Minneapolis, MN
16 Providers Available
17. Austin, TX
23 Providers Available
18. San Jose, CA
14 Providers Available
19. Columbus, OH
20 Providers Available
20. Atlanta, GA
10 Providers Available
21. Detroit, MI
10 Providers Available
22. Indianapolis, IN
20 Providers Available
23. Jacksonville, FL
11 Providers Available
24. Orlando, FL
11 Providers Available
25. Tucson, AZ
15 Providers Available
26. Portland, OR
10 Providers Available
27. Seattle, WA
10 Providers Available
28. Sacramento, CA
16 Providers Available
29. Milwaukee, WI
10 Providers Available
30. Charlotte, NC
10 Providers Available
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    Answering this question is as simple as typing in your zip code at InMyArea.com/Internet. We’ll show you all of the fiber, cable, DSL, and satellite internet providers that are available in your area. Sort providers by speeds or cheapest monthly price to find the best plan for your needs. All that’s left to do is call to set up service!

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    Head over to InMyArea.com/TV/Cable to see which companies offer TV, internet, and phone service near you. We’ll tell you all about the channels, bundles, and perks those providers offer. You can also check out our list of the nation’s Cable Internet providers.

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    Look around your home for signs of an existing internet connection, or to see all the internet providers available near you enter your address. We’ll tell you which internet providers are available in your area, along with the plans, speeds, and features they offer. Making a decision has never been so easy.

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Fiber Internet

Top 10 States Connected to Fiber

Click on a state below to see a detailed overview of Internet speeds, prices, and coverage, as well as compare the Top Internet Service Providers available from the Top 10 most connected fiber internet states in the U.S.

2. Oregon
9. Utah
Cable Internet

Top 10 States Connected to Cable TV

Click on a state below to see a detailed overview of TV coverage, channels, and prices, as well as compare the Top TV providers available from the Top 10 most connected TV states in the U.S.

4. D.C.

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