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TVCable TV In The US

Cable TV Data & Statistics For The USA

Cheapest State (AR)
$0.18 Per Channel /MO
Most Expensive State (VA)
$0.20 Per Channel /MO
U.S. Average
$0.19 Per Channel /MO
Most Local DTV Channels (NJ)
21 Channels
Least Local DTV Channels (AK)
1 Channels
U.S. Average
10 Channels

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Common TV Questions

What is HDTV?
HDTV stands for high-definition television, which broadcasts crisp, detailed motion pictures at a much higher resolution ranging from 720 pixels or, full high-definition, at a 1080-pixel resolution.
What is the difference between HDTV and cable?
HDTV offers the highest quality signal to your television providing you with a better resolution and sound than a standard digital signal like cable. Cable can be watched on any existing standard television set when equipped with a digital cable box.
How will High-Definition service look on my standard television?
High Definition will not display on standard televisions because they are not properly equipped with the advanced technology required for HD viewing.
How can I check the status of my installation?
To check the status of your installation, please contact your provider directly to resolve any issues you may have.
How do I reschedule my installation date?
To reschedule your installation date, please contact your provider directly.
Can I customize what channels I get in my package?
Yes, depending on the provider you decide to select. Most providers offer a variety of packages that typically cater to all sorts of TV users or enthusiasts. Please contact one of our customer happiness agents at 1-844-349-6510 to see which package would work best for your needs.
What is the different between satellite TV and cable TV?
The biggest difference between satellite TV and cable TV is availability. Satellite TV is accessible from typically any location that has a clear view of the southern sky and room for a mini-satellite dish on the roof or balcony. Cable TV is available for homes or businesses that are connected to a coaxial cable network and also benefits from not experiencing loss of connection or interruption from weather or cloud cover like its satellite counterpart.
I’m unhappy with my current cable TV provider. How do I switch providers?
If you are unhappy with your current provider, we would love to help you switch! Please call one of our customer happiness agents at 1-844-349-6510 to see what other providers are available and how we can save you money.

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