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Optimum Plans & Pricing

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Optimum Plans & Pricing

Internet Speed
Internet Speed:
Up to 8 Gbps
Availability in the U.S.
Availability in the U.S.:
21 States

Optimum Internet Availability

Optimum offers cable internet to 20.6 million people in 21 states, including Pennsylvania, Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey. That might be a small number of states, but you have to admire a brand that knows its niche and sticks to it. Now, only if we could only stick to our diet... With this level of availability, Optimum is the fourth-largest cable provider in the country.

Beyond its cable plans, Optimum also provides blazingly fast fiber internet with download speeds reaching up to a stunning 8 Gbps. Optimum’s fiber plans rival those offered by the largest internet providers in America. If you’re one of the chosen ones living in an area Optimum serves, you can enjoy these swift internet speeds starting at $40 per month.

Optimum Internet Connections

Connection type

Transmission method

Price (starting at)

Download speeds


Pulses of Infrared light through fiber-optic cables

$79.99 per month

Up to 8 Gbps


Radio frequencies through coaxial cables from TV networks

$29.99 per month

Up to 940 Mbps

Where does Optimum offer service?

Optimum is available in these states:

Optimum Internet Contracts and Data Caps

More often than not, internet providers entice customers into committing to long-term contracts with promotions and exclusive deals only to increase the monthly rate once the promotion ends. However, you don't have to worry about that with Optimum! Optimum has no contracts with its internet plans.

As if not requiring contracts weren’t enough, Optimum ices the cake by eliminating data caps for each of its internet plans. So, you can consume as much data as your digital appetite can handle. The table we crafted below is our way of saying, “Forget counting your gigabytes and indulge to your heart’s content with Optimum’s unlimited data access.”

Optimum Internet Data Caps

Connection Type

Data cap

Data cap equivalence



Unlimited access



Unlimited access

Optimum Customer Service

As Aretha Franklin once belted out to her internet provider, “I’m about to give you all of my money, and all I’m askin’ in for a little respect (just a little bit)!” Well, maybe she wasn’t singing to an internet provider, but you know where we’re going. Quality customer service is an essential part of the digital service experience, especially when you’re dealing with stressful situations created by internet connectivity or billing issues.

We believe that you’ll have a good experience with Optimum’s digital products, but internet questions and issues are bound to arise occasionally. Fortunately, there are many methods to get in touch with the support team at Optimum, whether it’s by calling its support line, reaching out on social media, or initiating a live chat directly on its website.

The Value of Optimum Internet

Although Optimum only offers services to select states, Optimum stands out from the pack as a special internet provider worthy of serious consideration. We condensed our analysis of Optimum’s value in the following list of pros and cons to Optimum internet below:

  • Rapid download speeds
  • Fiber internet access
  • No contracts required
  • No data caps
  • Limited plan options
  • Fiber plan offerings vary by region

Ultimately, we believe Optimum provides excellent internet service along with unique perks that truly make this regional provider shine. If you live in an area where Optiumum offers service, we recommend that you consider choosing Optimum as your next internet provider.

Frequently Asked Questions About Optimum Internet

Is Optimum internet available in my area?

You can find out if Optimum internet is available in your area either by typing your address into the search bar below or by zooming in to your neighborhood on the Optimum coverage map at the bottom of this page.

Check Availability By Address

What types of internet connections does Optimum offer?

Optimum internet offers cable and fiber internet connections.

Does Optimum allow me to self-install my internet?

Optimum does allow customers to self-install their internet free of charge if they order their internet package online.

How fast is Optimum internet?

Optimum internet plans can achieve speeds up to 8 Gbps.

How much does Optimum fiber internet cost?

Optimum internet plans start at just $40 per month.


Optimum Coverage Map

Optimum is available in 21 states across the United States, including New Jersey. See if Optimum is available in your area using our coverage map.

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