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Internet Service in District of Columbia

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District of Columbia Internet Coverage

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Home to the country's most powerful political establishments, it should come as no surprise that the District of Columbia is also a hub of impressive internet options. Washington, D.C., download speeds average 92.06 Mbps, the kind of connectivity the nation's capital deserves. Ranking 11th in the country for its 46 percent fiber coverage, you stand a good chance of living in a D.C. neighborhood with access to lightning-quick speeds. But you can't beat the District's 98 percent DSL coverage, making it 1st in the nation for DSL access. Closely trailing DSL, cable coverage extends to 98 percent of DC households, making the nation's capital 4th in the country for cable internet availability.

With an exceptionally low average price per Mbps of $0.17 and averaging $62.95 per month for internet services, the Capital of the Free World comes in as the 11th most affordable place to find internet in the country. These prices are a delightful surprise given that the cost of living in Washington, D.C., tends to fall on the higher end of the scale. Even better, those low prices aren't a reflection of quality. From Takoma to Capitol Hill, you can expect download speeds reaching up to 155 Mbps and upload speeds up to 15 Mbps from the District's 50 providers, covering 96 percent of households. 

We think you'll find great internet options and enticing prices that will meet your internet needs in Washington, D.C. Whether you want to stream videos, study for school, stay connected at work, or keep in touch with your friends through multiplayer gaming or social media, internet in D.C. has your back. For more information on the District of Columbia internet, review the tables, graphs, and tools we put together below.

Average Price Per Month
Average Price Per Mbps
Average Download Speed
488 Mbps
How Does District of Columbia Compare to the U.S. Averages?
Cheapest State (TN)
$0.18 per Mbps/month
Most Expensive State (AK)
$1.51 per Mbps/month
U.S. Average
$0.45 per Mbps/month
Slowest State (AK)
90.8 Mbps
Fastest State (TN)
522.31 Mbps
U.S. Average
234.49 Mbps

CityInternet Availability for the Most Popular Cities in District of Columbia View All

City Providers Fastest Download Speed Fastest Upload Speed City Internet Coverage
Washington, DC 39 5000 Mbps 10000 Mbps 99.5 %

CityDistrict Of Columbia Internet Availability by Zip Code View All

ZIP Code Providers Fiber Cable DSL
20011 in Washington, DC 33 93.6 % 97.5 % 89.6 %

Speed DialDownload Speeds in District Of Columbia

Speed DialUpload Speeds in District Of Columbia

GlobeDistrict of Columbia Connection Availability

Technology Coverage Rank (By State)
Fiber 78.3 % #0
Cable 97.3 % #0
DSL 93.1 % #0

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