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District of Columbia Internet Coverage

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Average Price Per Month
Average Price Per Mbps
Average Download Speed
92.06 Mbps
How Does District of Columbia Compare to the U.S. Averages?
Cheapest State (DC)
$0.14 per Mbps /Mo
Most Expensive State (IA)
$1.31 per Mbps /Mo
U.S. Average
$0.56 per Mbps /Mo
Slowest State (WY)
17.58 Mbps
Fastest State (CT)
279.41 Mbps
U.S. Average
77.30 Mbps

CityInternet Availability for the Most Popular Cities in District of Columbia View All

City Providers Most Available Download Speed Most Available Upload Speed City Internet Coverage
Washington, DC 45 150 Mbps 10 Mbps 96%

CityDistrict Of Columbia Internet Availability by Zip Code View All

ZIP Code Providers Fiber Cable DSL
20009 in Washington, DC 45 66% 96% 92%

Speed DialDownload Speeds in District Of Columbia

Speed DialUpload Speeds in District Of Columbia

Speed DialMost Common District of Columbia Internet Speeds by Location

Type Download Speed Download Ranking
(By State)
Upload Speed Upload Ranking
(By State)
Speed Tests
Business 21 Mbps #1 7.7 Mbps #1 840
Other 20.3 Mbps #1 6.2 Mbps #1 147
Library or School 19.9 Mbps #2 13.3 Mbps #2 116
Home 6.3 Mbps #21 1.4 Mbps #15 3,744
Mobile Device 2.4 Mbps #21 0.9 Mbps #13 25,822
Small Business 2.8 Mbps #47 1.6 Mbps #10 522

GlobeDistrict of Columbia Connection Availability

Technology Coverage Rank (By State)
Fiber 46% #11
Cable 98% #4
DSL 98% #1

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