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Brightspeed Plans & Pricing

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Brightspeed Plans & Pricing

Internet Speed
Internet Speed:
Up to 2 Gbps

Brightspeed Internet Availability

Brightspeed offers a few internet options, including fiber, DSL, and fixed wireless connections. Despite being a relatively new ISP, Brightspeed ranks as the fifth-largest DSL internet provider in the U.S. and delivers internet to over 1.3 million locations throughout 20 states. Brightspeed’s primary coverage area is in North Carolina, Missouri, and Wisconsin.

Brightspeed is continuously growing its coverage area daily, especially that of its fiber network. Brightspeed Fiber Internet delivers download speeds up to 940 Mbps, putting it on par with other gigabit cable and fiber internet providers.

Brightspeed Internet Connections

Connection type

Transmission method

Price (starting at)

Download speeds


Pulses of infrared light through optical fiber cables

$49 per month

Up to 940 Mbps


Signals across a copper telephone landline

$50 per month

Up to 100 Mbps

Brightspeed Internet Contracts and Data Caps

Some providers require customers to commit to contracts that can last for multiple years. With Brightspeed, however, you won’t have to worry about annual contracts. Every plan comes with a monthly payment model, so there are no early-termination fees (ETFs) in case you want to switch over or cancel your current plan.

Additionally, there are no data caps with Brightspeed. Regardless of the plan you choose, you can stream, download files, and perform other bandwidth-heavy tasks without worrying about hitting data limits or being subjected to data overage fees. Here’s an overview of Brightspeed’s data caps:

Brightspeed Internet Data Caps

Connection type

Data cap

Data cap equivalence



Unlimited Access



Unlimited Access

Fixed wireless


Unlimited Access

The Value of Brightspeed Internet

There are many great features attached to every Brightspeed internet plan, but there are also some things to consider when choosing an internet provider in general. Here are the pros and cons of Brightspeed to help you decide if it's right for you:

  • No annual contracts
  • Unlimited data
  • Affordable plans
  • Equipment included with fiber plans
  • Limited fiber availability
  • No real bundling options

Frequently Asked Questions About Brightspeed Internet

Is Brightspeed available in my area?

Since Brightspeed is available in so many areas around the U.S., it’s likely to be an option near you. Type your address into the search bar below to see if Brightspeed is available in your area.

Check Availability By Address

How much does Brightspeed Internet cost?

Internet plans from Brightspeed start at just $49 per month plus tax.

How fast is Brightspeed Fiber Internet?

Brightspeed Fiber Internet can deliver symmetrical download and upload speeds up to 940 Mbps.

Does Brightspeed internet have data caps?

All Brightspeed plans come with unlimited data access, so there are no data caps.

Does Brightspeed internet service require a contract?

All Brightspeed internet plans are contract-free and require payments on a monthly basis.


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