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Hargray Communications

The coastal areas of South Carolina and Georgia are known for their beautiful scenery, luxurious resorts, and world-class golf courses. While these features attract tourists from around the world, residents can enjoy the state-of-the-art cable TV and broadband internet services offered by Hargray Communications. Hargray has served the area as a telephone provider since 1947, bringing in cable TV service in 1980 and high-speed internet access in 2000.

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Service Areas

The Hargray service map covers over 100,000 homes along the South Carolina and Georgia coasts. The coverage area of over 330 square miles covers three counties in South Carolina (Beaufort, Jasper and Hampton) and one in Georgia (Chatham). The company's home office in Pritchardville, South Carolina, serves an area ranging from the beaches and luxury hotels of Hilton Head, all the way to the western suburbs of Savannah, Georgia.


Hargray provides its customers with all of the telecommunications needs from one central location. Residential customers can select from landline telephone service, dozens of cable TV channels, high-speed internet access, cell phone plans through Cricket Wireless, and home security system installation. Commercial clients that also select Hargray as their business communications provider can choose from special telephone features, broadband internet, wireless access and facility protection plans through the Hargray CONNECTIONS program.


Lowcountry customers often benefit from the wide selection of cable TV packages available through Hargray's services. With over 160 channels to choose from, Hargray offers an extensive TV viewing experience. Viewers can enjoy programming in high-definition (HD), with an unprecedented level of picture clarity and crisp, clear sound. Customers can also choose to add on a digital video recorder (DVR) to record and play back programs, without the need for the old, boxy VHS tapes.


Hargray offers its customers the choice of selecting each service separately, or as a bundle. When customers choose to bundle their cable TV, telephone and internet services, they receive the total bill on one statement, rather than a separate bill from each provider. Customers who choose to bundle their services often have lower overall costs than those who get each service from a different provider. Customers can also choose which level of telephone service, cable TV package, or internet speed best meets their needs and their budgets.

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The combination of 21st-Century technology and down-home Southern hospitality has allowed Hargray to offer its service to Lowcountry residents for over sixty years. From the beaches of Hilton Head to the bustling suburbs of Savannah, Hargray continues to bring the latest in information technology to the heart of the South.

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