10 Safest Travel Destinations In The US


Want To Stay Safe On Vacation? Here's Where To Go

Where are the safest destinations for American vacationers who want to travel without their passports in hand? The short answer: smaller is better. While crime rates in major cities vary widely, cities are unanimously more dangerous than small towns. Furthermore, the touristy parts of most towns tend to be well-policed, well-lit, and safe from everything except pickpockets. If something must go wrong on a vacation, you’d much rather lose your camera than get mugged.

Thus, affluent vacation towns like Nantucket, Cape Cod, and Hilton Head are all safe. But if you do want to go somewhere bigger, here are some options, ranked by alphabet.

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Austin, Texas

Another home to attractive, friendly, and intelligent residents, Austin has been a crowd favorite for years. Great restaurants, a uniquely quirky culture, and clean parks help make Austin perhaps the best inland destination in Texas.

Boston, Massachusetts

Seeped in history, Boston is the Northeast’s biggest small town. Crime there fell during the 90s in the great “Boston Miracle,” which brought violence down more than a few notches. Things have been a little less steady since then, but the tourist centers of the city are still very safe destinations.

Charleston, South Carolina

Another city that has made Forbes' list in years past, Charleston puts great emphasis on the safety of visitors—there’s that Southern Hospitality. Low violent crime rates combined with a police force that patrols on foot help the historic town feel safer.

Chicago, Illinois

Violent crime has been falling steadily in Chi-town, with murders down 14 percent last year. The windy city has a midwestern charm that separates it from larger Eastern metropolises.

Colorado Springs, Colorado

If you’re heading to the Rockies to ski this winter, you can do no better than Colorado Springs, the state’s safest city. Colorado Springs is close to the mountains, gives off a small-town vibe, and ranked eighth safest on Forbes’ list.

El Paso, Texas

Sporting the state’s lowest violent crime rate, El Paso is a true melting pot of Mexican and American culture located in Texas’ west corner.

Honolulu, Hawaii

Strict gun control laws, the city’s relative affluence, and the state’s geographic isolation all contribute to Honolulu’s safety. Honolulu ranked third-safest city in America on Forbes' 2011 list.

New York, New York

That’s right, the Big Apple came in tenth place in Forbes’ 2011 rankings.The past two decades spent cleaning up the city have paid off, as the city sports the 3rd best car fatality rank, and less property crime than in ages past.

Nevertheless, New York is only the 27th safest city for violent crime.Thus, visitors waver on how safe they feel there—fellow city dwellers understand the feeling of feeling safely invisible in a large mass, while others worry crammed up against dozens of strangers in a subway car.

Portland, Oregon

Yet another comfortably quaint town that puts visitors at ease, Portland features farmers’ markets, good parks and public transportation. The city's harmlessly underemployed residents and low violent crime rates both contribute to the its safety.

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San Diego, California

Warm, sunny, safe San Diego is a great California destination. San Diego crime rates fell for 17 of the past 20 years before leveling out, but the city has earned its “safe” ranking.

Finally, remember that all of these are major cities, and every major city has good neighborhoods and bad. Study your tourist guide before you go and steer towards the more tourist-friendly parts of town.

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Updated on: November 10, 2015

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