RCN Corporation Fiber Optic Internet Innovation


RCN Corporation prides itself on Internet innovation, and relies on its extensive and growing line of fiber opticsto provide optimum communications services in select metro areas.

RCN has nearly twenty years of experience behind their name, and still seeks to provide top quality high speed Internet to customers in the Northeast Corridor and Chicago areas.

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  • For $39.99 per month, you’ll get 25Mbps download and 2Mbps upload speeds, and digital access to ESPN3 and ABCNewsNow for your sports and news needs. Speeds like this are great for telecommuting, games, song downloading, and really anything.  
  • For $49.99 per month, you’ll get 50Mbps download and 6Mbps upload speeds, as well as a modem and access to ESPN3 and ABCNewsNow. This is a great package if you plan to stream a lot of video, telecommute, or play online games—or just want to do all of the above at the same time.
  • For $79.99 per month, you’ll get 75Mbps download and 10Mbps upload speeds, as well as a modem, and a three-year price guarantee. Like the other packages, this comes with ESPN3 and ABCNewsNow, and speeds like this are great for large families streaming HD video with virtually no buffer time.

All of RCN’s packages come complete with 24/7 tech support and connectivity guarantees. For $4.95 per month, you can add in a wireless router to seamlessly connect your entire home to the Web.

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Bundling Packages

RCN Corporation has a huge variety of packages available if you want to bundle cable and Internet, or cable, Internet and phone services, including:

  • Internet and cable television packages ranging from $39.99-89.99, with the main difference being Internet speed and number of channels. The highest-end package at $89.99 comes with 50Mbps Internet, and a free TiVo for your viewing-later pleasure. The basic $39.99 package has 38 channels and 25Mbps Internet.
  • You can also add in telephone service. For $59.99 per month, get the basic cable and Internet package above plus unlimited calling; for $109.99 per month, you’ll get the deluxe cable and high speed Internet, plus unlimited calling (and don’t forget, this still comes with a TiVo).

RCN Corporation regularly offers special promotional deals to customers in the Lehigh Valley, Chicago, Boston, D.C. Metro, New York City and Philadelphia metro areas. 

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