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If you’re ready to graduate from the slow speeds of dial-up Internet service to a better class of Web access, then one of Verizon’s many offerings may be right for you. One of the biggest companies out there, Verizon has several Internet services that can get you connected, including DSL, wireless and FiOS fiber optic.

One advantage of signing up for Internet access from Verizon is that its customers can package other services into the bill, such as DirectTV HD satellite television, FiOS TV and VoIP (Voice over IP) telephone. Bundling saves more money than if the services were bought separately and it saves hassle come bill time.

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Verizon’s DSL service runs on the same infrastructure as traditional telephone lines, so most homes in the U.S. have access. However, DSL service won’t tie up the phone line like dial-up. That means you can surf the Web and make calls at the same time without fear of getting kicked off the Internet when someone calls.


FiOS fiberoptic service is an ultra-fast Web connection that can also provide television and telephone signals to your home or business. It’s what Verizon considers the next generation of Web access. Its all-in-one simplicity makes for easier subscribing and easier bill paying.


Verizon VoIP telephone service has many of the same features of traditional phone service, such as caller ID, voicemail and call waiting. One great difference is that with Verizon’s VoIP, calling is unlimited—no more worrying about the long-distance bill or using up cell phone plan minutes.

Wireless Options

If you’re looking for more portable Internet, perhaps to power your cell phone, tablet or laptop, then Verizon has several wireless options. 3G and 4G wireless connections are some of the fastest cell signals out there. These power devices like the iPhone, BlackBerry, iPad, Android phones and more. These connections work well for active lifestyles, mobile work scenarios or folks that want to make the most of Web access that can move with them.

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Why Verizon?

With all of Verizon’s many Internet service offerings, you’ll enjoy a connection that’s always “on.” That means you won’t have to dial into your provider and wait for service to start. As soon as you fire up your Web browser, the Internet will be there waiting for you.

With many Verizon Internet service plans, the company also grants access to its nationwide network of Wi-Fi “hotspots.” That means at participating locations, such as airports, coffee shops, hotels and more, you can connect to a fast wireless Web signal at no extra charge.

Few companies can match the amount of Internet services that Verizon has to offer. It has Web access for almost every type of customer—home or business, stationary or mobile, with or without telephone or television service and more.

If you’re tired of dropped connections, slow download speeds and spotty service, Verizon could have just the right Internet service for you. If you ever plan on watching movies, downloading music, gaming online or video chatting, then upgrading to high-speed, broadband Internet access is a must.

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