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Questions Asked By Students

How do I get student discounts on utilities?
Most utility providers will offer discounts based on household incomes, which can help students lower their utility bills assuming they meet the requirements. To see if you qualify, please call your local utility provider and ask if they offer any discounts for low-income households. Many of our students have seen their utility bills reduced up to 20% off every month!
Do I need renter's insurance for my new apartment?
Many apartment managers/landlords require new tenants to have renters insurance prior to moving in. The best way to find out is asking the manager or person handling your paperwork if it's a necessity to move in. We do, however, recommend all tenants get renters insurance because of its coverage and typically low cost. Renters insurance will cover all personal belongings that are in risk of damage due to theft, fire, flood etc. up to their liability limit. This also includes any other damages to other tenants (for example, a flooded tub seeping into the apartment below) up to the liability limit.
What services do I need to get me by?
The services you need for school really depends on you. If you're taking online classes, an Internet connection at home is most likely going to be a necessity, and if you're the type that loves watching TV, a cable or satellite TV connection is going to be something you'll want. The best way to find out is to ask yourself what you want and then contact one of our customer happiness representatives to find you the best deals. They may even get you a one-of-a-kind deal on bundled services for both cable TV and Internet!
How do I choose the right internet speed for me?
Choosing the right Internet speed depends on the type of user you are. If you love streaming videos or movies, playing games, browsing the Internet, or just strictly using Internet for classes, there are different types of plans, speeds and bandwidths for every user. The best way to find out which speed works for you is to contact one of our customer happiness representatives at 1-844-202-9310 and let them know which type of internet user you are and they will be more than happy to help you find the right internet speed.
I take online classes. What are the minimum connectivity requirements?
Typically any stable Internet connection with speeds over 1.5 Mbps would work best for online classes. The best way to find out is to call one of our customer happiness representatives at 1-844-202-9310 to see which speeds are available in your area and find the best deal to get you through your online classes.
Why are some providers not available in my area?
Since there are many zip codes in the United States, we're constantly working to increase our database with all the providers in your area. If there are specific providers you know that service your area that we do not display, please email us at
Can I suspend my service temporarily for breaks or summer vacations?
You may be able to pause your service with no monthly charge for a temporary period of time depending on your provider. The best way to make sure would be calling us at 1-844-202-9310 to ensure which providers offer this service.
I'm a foreign student, studying here in the US. Do I need a social security number to order service?
Some providers do offer service without a credit check or social security number. Instead they'll ask for some form of down payment or increased monthly bill to compensate for the credit check. The best way to see which providers will do this is to call one of our customer happiness representatives at 1-844-202-9310.

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Excellent Service!

Awesome customer service. They keep it simple and straightforward in all the right ways and we're very helpful and super nice! I never leave reviews, and here I am leaving a review, that's gotta say something.

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WOW Service and Super Easy on Me! and representative, Sassi, were FANTASTIC. I had literally spent hours with individual service providers that were not even sure they could assist in my zip code. Telephone waits on hold and Chats on line got me nowhere. had the resources to check the information quickly and compare services. I cannot say enough about Sassi. Just a doll! So patient, so informative and simply the best!

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Very helpful, will save number.

Sassi was very helpful and pleasant. She really understood what I wanted and did her very best to help me, even going out of her way and spending a good deal of time when it turned out the service I was requesting was not available in my area, even though the computer said it was. She gave me a bundle that looks to be everything that I will be happy with.


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