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What To Expect When Moving Your Home Security System

A Guide on How to Transfer DIY or Professionally Managed Home Security Systems


With a move, security is not just a feature or another utility to transfer; it also gives you peace of mind. It allows you to focus on those million other tasks that a new move requires — before and after you reach your destination. So, can you move your current home security system with you? And if so, how? This guide will answer all your questions about moving with a home security system, especially for brands such as Vivint, ADT, and Brinks. We cover moving and installation fees, how to initiate the transfer, and what you need to bring with you during the process.

Moving DIY Security Systems vs. Professionally Managed Plans

DIY systems are easier to bring with you during a move since you’re responsible for the installation and management yourself. That means the entirety of the system breakdown, move, and setup is on you. Most security systems come with a companion mobile app, which is where you’ll want to update your address. On the flip side, professionally managed systems are effortless to own, but moving them is more complicated. That said, the difficulty in transferring service varies from vendor to vendor, whether it’s a DIY system or a purchase plan.

Popular DIY Home Security Systems

DIY home security systems may not be as comprehensive as professionally managed systems, but they’re packed with benefits. DIY systems are inexpensive to purchase and install, highly portable, and easy to operate. It’s one less arduous task on your moving checklist, but still a task that you should check off. Here are some of the most popular DIY home security systems on the market today.

  • SimpliSafe: This system operates wirelessly, so there’s no intense wiring involved during installation, and it’s easy to set up. SimpliSafe systems feature 100 percent professional monitoring for a monthly fee, but all their plans are contract-free.
  • Ring: Ring is one of the more fully customizable systems on the DIY market. It’s compatible with Amazon’s suite of smart home services such as the Ring Doorbell and the eero Whole-home Wi-Fi mesh network system.
  • Cove: This home security system prides itself on its simple installation and setup. The DIY system features low monthly subscription costs that are commitment-free and easy to implement.

Moving With Professionally Managed Systems

Moving with professionally managed systems often means that you’ll get help from your security company. Unlike transferring utilities, however, moving your security system to a new home may require installation work.


Can I move Vivint?

If you’re an existing Vivint customer getting ready to move to a new home, you’re in luck. You can easily transfer your home security to your new place.

What do I need to move my system?

To start the Vivint moving process, give them a call two weeks before your moving date. If you want to upgrade your home security system with the latest equipment and customize your package for your new place, you can leave your old system and start over.

Is there a fee involved with moving it?

If you choose a new system, you’ll have to pay for installation and the new equipment, which you can purchase upfront or finance over time. This option is best for those who want the latest and greatest. If you want the equipment at your old place to be removed — even though you won’t be taking it with you — you have the option to pay Vivint to uninstall it.

If you choose to bring your old equipment, professional installation is required. So once you move, contact Vivint, and they will install the system for a fee. For a hassle-free option, just move your panel and any plug-in items like ping cameras, appliance modules, etc., to your new place. If you want extra equipment, you can purchase them from Vivint.


Can I transfer my ADT? 

If you’re an ADT customer getting ready to move, you can transfer your account to your new place. However, ADT highly encourages customers to leave their old equipment at home and set up new equipment at their new location.

What do I need to move my system?

As soon as you know when you’re moving, contact ADT, and they’ll gather information on the best offers and options available to you at your new location. Once you’re settled at your new place, ADT will set up an installation date for your new equipment.

Is there a fee involved with moving it?

You’ll need to pay ADT for professional installation at your new home. If you decide that you need more equipment at your place, you can also purchase extra equipment. There are various ADT moving specials available throughout the year, like discounts on reinstallation or new equipment. Give ADT a call a few weeks before your move to find out if there are currently any moving specials.


Can I transfer my Brinks?

Brinks is a more DIY, professionally managed system, so moving your Brinks is pretty simple. Simply uninstall your existing equipment and reinstall it in your new location.

What do I need to move my system?

Before removing your equipment, contact the Brinks monitoring station and let them know. They will place your account in test mode, which prevents any false alarms during your move. Once you move into your new place, you’ll want to double-check with the monitoring station that your account is still in test mode before reinstalling the equipment.

Brinks has a quick installation guide online, but if you have any other questions during the process, give them a call. Once you’re done installing your system, contact Brinks to verify that your equipment is up and running. If you decide that you need more equipment at your new place, the Brinks customer care team can help you assess your needs and pick out new equipment over the phone.

Is there a fee involved with moving it?

Brinks equipment is self-installed and owned by the customer, so luckily, there aren’t any moving fees when you take your equipment to your new place. Simply uninstall it and reinstall it in your new home, then contact Brinks to transfer the service.


Can I transfer my Alder? 

If you’re starting fresh at a new home, you can easily bring your Alder security system with you. Because Alder is a DIY home security system, you can set it up in 15 minutes or less. Just remember to give Alder’s customer service team a call about moving your system.

What do I need to move my system?

You can bring your current Alder equipment with you or add new equipment like motion sensors. Make sure you have the mobile app open as you’re installing the system at your new home – you’ll be given on-screen prompts on how to finish the setup process.

Is there a fee involved with moving it?

Alder doesn’t say anything about a moving or transfer fee with its home security system, but if you want to cancel its services, you’ll need to check your contract. Alder typically requires a three- to five-year contract, so if you want to cancel, you have to call customer support. Its team should also be able to walk you through the steps in moving your security system if you’d rather stick with the service until your contract ends.