4 Little Known Secrets To Negotiating Your Cable Bill


Negotiating Your Cable Bill Is A Breeze With These Secrets

According to the NPD Group, the average monthly cable bill in 2011 was $86 per month. By 2015, that cost is expected to rise to $123 per month. With so many internet streaming options available, you might be tempted to cut the cable cord. Don't jump the gun, though. Before you get rid of cable TV for good, you should try negotiating your cable bill. Negotiating a lower cable bill is a lot easier than you might think. You just need to have the right information. Here are four secrets to negotiating your cable bill.

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Negotiating Your Cable Bill: Spread The Love

1. Spread The Love

Like a good spouse, your cable TV company wants to know when you're upset. And like any spouse, your provider will not respond well to yelling irrational demands. Always start off negotiations with a level head and kind words. Talk about how you can no longer afford your current plan, never mind the rate hikes. Customer service representatives are people too, and they are more likely to sympathize with someone who is kind than someone who is angry.

Negotiating Your Cable Bill: Talk To A Retention Specialist

2. Talk To A Retention Specialist

Talking to customer service isn't always the best idea when you want to get a lower rate. Sure, you can start off there and try to work on a lower rate, but customer service representative can't always cut deals. Don't be afraid to ask to speak with a customer retention specialist when negotiating your cable bill. A customer retention specialist's job is to keep you happy with your current company. They have the ability to cut deals and lower rates more than a customer service representative can.

Negotiating Your Cable Bill: Do Your Research

3. Do Your Research On Cable Costs

Simply knowing the introductory rates that other companies are offering is a great bargaining tool to talk down your cable bill. If you get a quote from competing companies, that means even more leverage for negotiating your cable bill. If you're overly ambitious, you'll have a few quotes ready when you make the call. That shows the representative that you are serious about switching to a new provider if they can't meet your needs.

Negotiating Your Cable Bill: Call Back Later

4. Call Back Later To Negotiate Your Cable Bill

Just because one representative says no doesn't mean every representative will say no. Calling back on a different day might render a different result. However, don't call every day of the week and bother customer service representatives in the process. If the company catches wind of that, they'll most likely put a note in your file, making it extremely difficult for you to lower your rates. Instead, wait a few days between each call and try calling at a different time each day. A representative might be more willing to help you at 11am than 3pm. Negotiating your cable bill is easy, if you have the right tools. With patience, some research, and a little perseverance, you can successfully lower your cable bill.

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