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Are you looking for high-speed internet that doesn't break the bank? Are you not interested in packaging internet service with your cable television or telephone? Then DSL internet service is a great choice for you. In fact, DSL (digital subscriber line) service is the second most popular broadband internet service in the United States, behind cable.

DSL internet allows you to connect to the World Wide Web through the same infrastructure network that supports traditional telephones. You only need a telephone line to subscribe for DSL internet service. However, unlike dial-up internet service that ties up a telephone line, DSL allows customers to use the internet and make phone calls simultaneously.

One of the biggest advantages of DSL internet service is the price. Consumers most often pay less for DSL than cable, satellite or wireless internet services. DSL may not be as fast as cable internet service, but for a lower price, you can still enjoy broadband internet access that’s speedy enough for watching movies, downloading music or online gaming.

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  • Consistency: Unlike cable internet service, DSL customers do not have to share internet bandwidth and speed with others on the local network. Like water pressure, the more users drawing from a cable internet source will slow the signal. DSL internet service remains constant.
  • Access: Because only a telephone line is needed, most homes and businesses in the United States have access to DSL internet service. More homes have telephone lines than cable internet. Not all homes or businesses with telephone lines have access to DSL, though, so be sure there's a provider in your area.
  • Speed: Although DSL cannot compete with cable internet service in terms of speed capability, it does offer much faster service than dial-up telephone, mobile or satellite internet services. Often, DSL isn’t slowed down by capping or shared bandwidth like cable internet service, so in many places DSL speeds can compete with cable.
  • Reliability: In some cases, cable internet service can be disrupted by bad weather. Many consumers report that DSL internet service does not succumb to severe storms.
  • Simplicity: If you're the type of customer that doesn't desire cable television or only uses a cell phone, then DSL is a cheaper way to gain internet access without having to buy service packages.

If you sign up for DSL internet service than you'll need to connect to the Web through a DSL modem. These attach to your home or business telephone jack. Typically, the DSL internet service provider will give you a modem when you sign up for service. Recently, there has been a push toward “self-installation,” so you may receive an installation kit. This negates the need for a company representative to travel to your home for installation and could save you a fee.

If you're looking for speedy internet service that doesn't cost as much as cable, and you're not interested in packaging your service with television or telephone, than DSL internet is a great choice for you.


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Updated on: July 06, 2017

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