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Bridgeport, CA Cable TV Providers

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1. Frontier in Bridgeport

  • 67.1% available in 93517 ZIP code
  • IPTV service provider
  • Bundle internet options up to 24 Mbps

Frontier TV in Bridgeport

Frontier in Bridgeport is the best TV provider with the most channels and most widely available for an estimated 60% of households.

Order Frontier Service for Bridgeport, CA 93517: 844-974-3041

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1 TV Providers in Bridgeport, CA 93517

Bridgeport has one main wired TV provider including Frontier. The most channels available to homes in Bridgeport is 0.Cord cutters will need to check their local ISPs for the best speeds and most data for streaming.

ProviderConnectionNumber of channelsAvailability
Frontier IPTV -- 67%
ProviderConnectionNumber of channelsAvailability

Local TV Channels (Over-the-Air) in Bridgeport, CA

ChannelAffiliateNetworkSignalOperating From
4-1KRNVNBCWeakReno, NV
8-1KOLOABCWeakReno, NV
2-1KTVNCBSNo SignalReno, NV
27-1KRENCWNo SignalReno, NV

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