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AT&T vs. Xfinity

Is AT&T or Xfinity better for internet, TV, and home phone services? Compare all of the perks and deals that Xfinity and AT&T have to offer.

The quick answer: Is AT&T or Xfinity better?

If you’re all about speed, AT&T offers fiber internet plans that are ultra fast and reliable. The cost for fiber will be a bit more pricey, but you’ll never have to deal with lagging or buffering. AT&T bundles perfectly with DIRECTV, which is great for those who want a top-of-the-line TV package. Sports fans will also want to go with DIRECTV, because you’ll be able to get NFL Sunday Ticket, which gives you a front row seat to all of your games.

Xfinity offers internet plans with even faster download speeds than AT&T. However, most of Xfinity’s plans use a cable connection. Cable will be a little less reliable than fiber but, it’s still a great connection that offers fast download speeds. Overall, Xfinity’s plans are more affordable and offer a lower price per megabit, so you’ll get more bang for your buck. Xfinity also offers TV and home phone services, but their TV packages are a lot more basic and offer less channels than DIRECTV. If you’re just looking for internet, we recommend Xfinity. For those who want a TV and internet bundle, go with AT&T.

Is Xfinity or AT&T Internet Faster?

Our pick for speed: Xfinity

AT&T offers download speeds up to 100 Mbps with their starting fiber internet plan. Xfinity’s Performance Starter Internet plan comes with cable download speeds up to 15 Mbps. While AT&T has faster starting speeds, Xfinity offers faster top tier plans than AT&T. Customers in select areas will have access to an Xfinity fiber plan with download speeds up to 2,000 Mbps, while AT&T’s fiber download speeds only go up to 1,000 Mbps. Keep in mind that most of Xfinity’s plans use a cable connection, and AT&T offers a fiber connection. Fiber is typically faster and more reliable than cable, so if you’re choosing between two plans with the same speed, go with fiber. However, the Xfinity plan with up to 2,000 Mbps is fiber, so it will be twice as fast as AT&T’s Fiber 1000 plan.



Starting Price



12-mo. agmt req’d. Incl 1 TB/data/mo. $10 chrg for each add’l 50GB (up to $100/mo.). Ltd avail./select areas.

Starting Speed

Up to 15 Mbps

Up to 100 Mbps*


Cable or fiber

Fiber or DSL


No contract or 1 year

1 year




Data caps

1 TB

1 TB



Included at no extra cost

*Speed/Time examples are estimates and based on wired connection to gateway. Actual customer speeds may vary and are not guaranteed. Speeds may vary based on factors including site traffic, content provider server capacity, internal management factors, and end user device capabilities. For more information, go to

Who Has Cheaper Internet: Xfinity or AT&T?

Our pick for price: Xfinity

When it comes to base internet plans, Xfinity’s Performance Starter plan is $20 cheaper than AT&T’s Internet 100 plan. If price is your number one concern and you’re not too worried about speed, Xfinity is your best bet. However, Xfinity’s starting plan only offers speeds up to 15 Mbps, while AT&T’s has up to 100 Mbps.

If you’re looking for an affordable plan that still offers substantial download speeds, it’s best to compare AT&T’s Internet 100 plan to Xfinity’s Performance Plus Internet plan with download speeds up to 150 Mbps. The Performance Plus plan from Xfinity is only $45 a month, which is $5 cheaper and offers up to 50 more Mbps than the AT&T Internet 100 plan. A lower monthly price for more speed? That’s what we call a deal.

How much do AT&T and Xfinity charge for Installation and Equipment?

Our pick for installation and equipment fees: AT&T

AT&T charges a one-time installation fee of $99 for its Internet 100 plan, while installation is free for the Internet 300 and Internet 1,000 plans. You won’t have to pay a monthly fee for equipment, which will help keep your bill down. Xfinity’s installation fee is $89.99, and you’ll pay $13 a month for equipment, unless you choose to use your own equipment. Overall, AT&T is better for installation and equipment fees, since you won’t have to pay for your equipment and depending on the plan that you choose, you might be eligible for free installation.

Where are AT&T and Xfinity internet available?

Our pick for availability: Xfinity

AT&T offers its internet services in 21 states, while Xfinity is available in 39 states. It’s more likely that Xfinity will be available in your area, but AT&T also has a wide coverage area. The easiest way to find out if either of these providers are an option where you live is to use our search by zip code tool.

The Pros and Cons for Xfinity and AT&T Internet




  • Widespread nationwide availability
  • Very fast fiber plans
  • No contract options
  • Bundles well with DIRECTV
  • Reliable fiber connection
  • No equipment fees
  • Fast starting speeds for fiber


  • Monthly equipment fees
  • Cable plans are less reliable than fiber
  • Plans require 1 year contract
  • Slow and pricey DSL plans
  • Limited availability for fiber
  • Xfinity TV vs. DIRECTV from AT&T

    Our pick for TV: DIRECTV from AT&T

    Xfinity TV

    Xfinity has five different TV packages for customers to choose from, starting at a monthly cost of $39.95. The number of channels per package range from 100+ channels with the Economy package, all the way up to the Premier TV package with over 260 channels. With the Premium package you’ll have access to premium movie channels like HBO, STARZ, Cinemax, and Showtime. Sports fans will enjoy networks like NFL Red Zone and NBA TV.

    You can watch your channel lineup, along with a library of nearly 300,000 On Demand shows and movies from any room in the house. The Xfinity X1 DVR can record up to six shows at one time and store 500 GB of recordings. If you want to take your entertainment on the go, you’ll be able to stream or download your recordings and browse through around 180,000 On Demand titles. Plus, you’ll have access to thousands of WiFi hotspots nationwide, so you won’t have to use up your mobile data.

    DIRECTV from AT&T

    DIRECTV is available through AT&T with six different satellite TV packages to choose from, beginning at $35 a month. The base Select Package has 155+ channels while the top Premier package offers more than 330+ channels. All of DIRECTV’s packages offer three months of premium channels like HBO, STARZ, Showtime, and Cinemax at no extra cost. These movie channels are also included in the Premier package lineup year round.

    Sports fanatics will be happy to know that NFL Sunday Ticket* is included for one season at no extra charge on all Choice packages and above. NFL Sunday Ticket lets you watch 4 or 8 games simultaneously on the big screen, or you can take your games with you on the go and watch them wherever you are from your phone, laptop, or tablet. You can keep tabs on your favorite players, teams, and fantasy league. Staying up to date in real time has never been easier.

    DIRECTV packages come with a free Genie HD DVR, which lets you record up to 5 shows at once, rewind live TV up to 72 hours, and store 200 hours of HD titles. Take all of your favorite shows and movies with you on the DIRECTV app. You’ll have access to your channel lineup, recordings, and on demand titles on your smartphones, laptops and tablets.

    *With CHOICE™ Package and above. Subscription renews automatically for the 2020 season and each season thereafter at then prevailing rate (currently $293.94/season) unless you call to cancel within two weeks after the start of the season. Req's you to select offer. Out-of-market games only. Select int'l games excluded.

    A quick recap: Xfinity vs. DIRECTV

    DIRECTV offers a much wider range of channels and packages than Xfinity does. Plus, DIRECTV’s packages cost less per channel. You’ll get perks, like premium networks at no extra charge and NFL Sunday Ticket, with DIRECTV that Xfinity doesn’t offer. But keep in mind that DIRECTV’s rates increase dramatically after the first year of service, and you’ll have to sign a two year contract. Xfinity offers no contract options, and their rates may increase after the first year as well.






    Number of Plans



    Starting Price



    For 12 months w/24-mo. agmt. AutoPay & Paperless bill req’d. $81/mo. In months 13-24 (subject to change).

    Contract Length

    No contract or 1 year

    2 years

    Watch On Demand Titles and Live TV On the Go



    Xfinity TV and AT&T Deals and Bundles

    Our pick for bundles and deals: Xfinity

    AT&T and Xfinity both offer internet, TV, and home phone bundles to help declutter your home service bills. Providers often offer discounts and perks when you sign up for a bundle, so you can get the most bang for your buck. When you bundle your AT&T internet with DIRECTV you’ll get $10 off your internet bill every month. That’s a total of $120 you’ll be saving every year. If you decide to bundle, you’ll get free installation which helps offset some of those upfront costs. AT&T also has thousands of hotspots across the country, so you won’t have to use your mobile data even when you’re not home.  

    Xfinity offers TV, internet, and home phone packages that come at a discounted rate, so you’ll pay less than you would if you bought each service separately. Plus, there are bundle options that don’t require a contract. A lot of providers will make you sign long-term contracts for a bundle, so this is a unique perk. Xfinity also offers free installation for some of its bundles. Top tier bundles also come with a free Netflix subscription, which is normally $12.99 a month. You’ll have a 30-day money-back guarantee with Xfinity, so you can try out their services without any extra risk. Take advantage of thousands of free WiFi hotspots across the country to avoid using up all of your mobile data when you’re on the go.

    The Verdict: AT&T or Xfinity?

    AT&T is our pick for TV and installation + equipment costs, while Xfinity wins for bundles, availability, price and speed. Overall, we’d recommend Xfinity for internet, as they offer faster speeds at a lower cost than AT&T. Plus, their top tier plans use a fiber connection, so they’ll be just as reliable as AT&T’s fiber. If you’re looking for a great TV package to go with your internet plan, AT&T is our pick. DIRECTV can’t be beat when it comes to TV. It’s also perfect for sports fanatics thanks to NFL Sunday Ticket. To see if these providers are available in your area, use our search by address tool.