Midcontinent Communications Internet Provider To North & South Dakota


Midcontinent Communications is an Internet service provider (ISP), telephone and cable television company that offers ultra-high speed broadband Internet to North and South Dakota, as well as parts of Minnesota and western Wisconsin.

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Award-Winning Speed

Midcontinent won the 2012 PC Magazine award for fastest ISP in the Midwest and second-fastest ISP in the nation, with an average overall download speed of 24.7 Megabytes per second (Mbps).

On a regional level, Midcontinent Communications is the fastest major ISP in both North and South Dakota, providing the remarkably high average speed of 26.4 Mbps. In Minnesota, where the company has less than half as many customers as in South Dakota, they are the ninth-fastest provider with an average speed of 15.1 Mbps.


Midcontinent Communications began in 1931 as the Welworth Theatre Company, and gradually expanded over the years to become acommunications company with a broader focus. The company has retained a local focus, and continues to support local sports teams and other parts of the communities they serve. Today, Midcontinent serves over 250,000 customers across 350 communities.

Midcontinent has offered broadband Internet since 1995, when they launched MidcoNet Broadband. They have been committed to consistently upgrading their network, and their newest product, MidcoNet Xstream, brought them the 2012 award.

Eric Griffith, the author who compiled the statistics, expressed his amazement that a local ISP could rival the speeds of nationwide leader Verizon’s FiOS broadband service, claiming that Midco is, “Setting the standard for what a local ISP can and should be,” and encouraging residents in the Dakotas, Minnesota or Wisconsin that are within reach of the service to sign up.


The MidcoNet Xstream Wideband service comes in various speeds and capacities. 30 Mbps costs $45/month, 50 Mbps costs $65/month and the outrageously fast 100 Mbps runs you $100/month.

Unlike many ISPs, Midcontinent no longer offers low-speed Internet, focusing entirely upon building their infrastructure to support increasingly high speeds, while continuing to offer competitive pricing.

Their packages offer few frills, although ESPN’s online service, ESPN3, comes standard with all packages. Additionally, customers can save money by bundling their Internet with cable, or telephone landline.

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Quality Experience

Midcontinent shines in customer service, having earned an A+ from the Better Business Bureau on the basis of a mere 10 complaints in the past three years.

There’s little bad to say about Midcontinent Communications: They offer some of the fastest speeds in the country, and their local focus has helped them shine in their customers’ eyes.

The price tag may scare off Internet users who do not need blazing fast speeds, but for anyone in the market for the fastest modern Internet around, Midcontinent delivers at a fair price.

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Updated on: November 10, 2015

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