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Compare CenturyLink Vs. EarthLink

Is CenturyLink or EarthLink internet better for you? Find out which provider has the best internet, TV and phone services in your area.

The quick answer: Is EarthLink or CenturyLink better?

While both providers have very fast fiber internet, CenturyLink offers a better deal for internet service. CenturyLink’s Gigabit fiber internet is less expensive than EarthLink’s HyperLink fiber internet, which both offer speeds up to 1 Gbps. You’ll have to sign a contract with EarthLink, while all of CenturyLink’s plans are contract free. We would recommend EarthLink if you just want to stay connected and you don’t care too much about speed. EarthLink’s DSL internet plans are less expensive than DSL from CenturyLink, so it’s a good option for those on a tight budget.

Is EarthLink or CenturyLink internet faster?

Our pick for speed: It’s a tie

EarthLink and CenturyLink both have fiber internet plans with speeds up to 1,000 Mbps. Both providers also offer DSL plans with varying speeds, which is a great option in areas where fiber is not available. Overall, the two providers are neck and neck when it comes to speed. If your main concern is speed, your decision will probably come down to which provider offers the fastest speeds in your area, as speed varies by location.



Staring Price




From 1.5 Mbps up to 1,000 Mbps

From 3 Mbps up to 1,000 Mbps


DSL or fiber

DSL or fiber


1 year

No contracts



Up to $125

Data caps

No data caps

1 TB



Up to $15/mo

Who has cheaper internet: EarthLink or CenturyLink?

Our pick for price: CenturyLink

When it comes to fiber internet, you’ll get the most bang for your buck with CenturyLink. CenturyLink’s 1 Gbps fiber plan starts at a $65/mo, while EarthLink’s 1 Gbps fiber plan is $99.95/mo. You’ll save around $25 a month with CenturyLink if you’re looking for fiber. Plus, CenturyLink has a Price for Life feature, so if you stick with the same plan your price will never go up.

If you’re not really concerned about speed, EarthLink offers cheaper base DSL options than CenturyLink. DSL internet plans from EarthLink start out at $14.95/mo while CenturyLink’s begin at $45 per month. However, if you want speeds faster than a few megabits, CenturyLink will probably be the cheaper option.

How much do EarthLink and CenturyLink charge for installation + equipment?

Our pick for installation + equipment: EarthLink

The cost of installation often varies by your location, so keep that in mind when comparing providers. EarthLink installation typically costs $69.95, while CenturyLink’s installation can cost up to $125. You’ll pay $6.95/mo for EarthLink internet equipment, and CenturyLink charges up to $15/mo. Overall, EarthLink is going to be cheaper for installation and equipment. 

Which provider has more availability: EarthLink or CenturyLink?

Our pick for availability: CenturyLink

EarthLink currently offers its internet services in 48 states. Alaska and Hawaii are the only two states where it is not available. CenturyLink internet is available in all 50 states. One thing to keep in mind is that DSL internet from both EarthLink and CenturyLink will be much more widely available than their fiber internet plans. The easiest way to find out if these providers are available in your area is to use our zip code search tool

Pros and Cons of EarthLink and CenturyLink internet




  • Affordable starting prices
  • Widely available
  • Fast fiber speeds
  • Affordable fiber internet
  • Widespread availability 
  • No contracts
  • Price for life guarantee


  • Expensive fiber plans
  • Contracts required
  • Fiber is not widely available
  • Higher starting prices

EarthLink and CenturyLink Deals and Bundles

Our pick for deals and bundles: CenturyLink

One of the main drawbacks of EarthLink is that they don’t offer TV or home phone services to bundle with internet. You can always bundle with DIRECTV, but EarthLink isn’t a direct partner with them, so you won’t get any perks or discounts that you might get from a DIRECTV partner like CenturyLink. 

CenturyLink offers customizable bundles for internet, TV and home phone service so you can combine all of your bills into one. You’ll get unlimited local and nationwide long distance calling with CenturyLink home phone service. If you want to go for the triple play and bundle TV as well, CenturyLink is partnered with DIRECTV. DIRECTV offers lots of perks when you bundle, including 3 months of premium channels at no extra cost. Sports fans will want to go with the DIRECTV CHOICE package or above, as these packages come with a season of NFL Sunday Ticket at no extra cost*. Just keep in mind that you’ll have to sign a 2-year contract for DIRECTV if you decide to bundle. Your CenturyLink internet and home phone will still be contract free. 

CenturyLink offers other great deals like their Price for Life feature. Internet prices go up year after year, so having your monthly price locked in for life is a great deal. Plus, you won’t ever have to sign a contract, so if you decide to cancel you won’t pay early termination fees. As of right now there aren’t any major deals or bundles offered by EarthLink, so CenturyLink takes the cake for this one. 

Out-of-market games only. Select international games excluded. Subscription renews automatically each season at then-prevailing rate (currently $395.94/season) unless you call to cancel within 2 weeks after start of season.

The verdict: EarthLink or CenturyLink?

While EarthLink and CenturyLink are both great options for internet, CenturyLink is going to be the better internet provider at the end of the day. CenturyLink is our pick for price, availability and bundles. EarthLink ties with CenturyLink for speed and wins for installation and equipment fees. EarthLink is good for staying connected in areas where other providers aren’t offered. Keep in mind that your choice could come down to which provider is available to you, as only one of the two might be available in your area. You can easily find out if EarthLink and CenturyLink are available where you live by using our simple search tool