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Rise Broadband Plans & Pricing

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Rise Broadband Plans & Pricing

Internet Speed
Internet Speed:
Up to 1 Gbps
Availability in the U.S.
Availability in the U.S.:
18 States

Rise Broadband Internet Availability

Rise Broadband’s claim to fame is providing fixed wireless internet to more than 16 million people across 16 states, including Texas and most of the Midwest. This feat makes Rise Broadband the fourth-largest fixed wireless internet provider in the U.S. Now, that’s what we call rising to the top!

In terms of speed, Rise Broadband's plans top out at 250 Mbps, which is faster than the top speeds that you get with DSL, and Rise Broadband's fixed wireless connection can go places where wires just don’t go. Also, while these speeds aren’t exactly lightning fast, they are comparable to satellite internet and slower cable internet plans. Rise internet plans start at $25 per month, depending on your service area and the plan you choose.

Rise Broadband Internet Connections

Connection type

Transmission method

Price (starting at)

Download speeds

Fixed wireless

Radio signals beamed to an antenna

$25 per month for 12 months

Up to 250 Mbps

Where does Rise Broadband offer service?

Rise Broadband is available in these states:

Rise Broadband Internet Contracts and Data Caps

Maybe your wallet is still sore from the beating it took when you previously signed a contract and overlooked the fine print. Or maybe you just harbor a deep-seated fear of commitment to any long-term service. Service contracts can be scary, for sure, but signing one with your internet company isn’t all gloom and doom. In fact, it comes with certain advantages that you might not get otherwise.

With Rise Broadband, you can either go with a month-to-month option (which comes with a higher fee), or you can choose from a one-year or two-year contract. To give you an idea of how things break down, check out the advantages and disadvantages of signing a contract with Rise Broadband:

Why You Might Want to Sign a Contract With Rise Broadband Internet 

Not all Rise Broadband internet plans require you to sign a contract but to get some of the best deals, you’ll probably have to sign one. Here are the potential upsides of entering into such an agreement:

  • Receive lower monthly rates on some services.
  • Lock in a monthly rate for the contract period.
  • Get access to additional perks like free installation.

Why You Might Not Want to Sign a Contract With Rise Broadband Internet 

With the possible exception of baby animal videos, there’s a downside to everything in this world, including internet. Here are the cons of signing a contract with Rise Broadband:

  • Pay early termination fees (ETFs) if you cancel your service early.
  • Deal with possible rate hikes at the end of your contract period.
  • Limit your access to better deals and offers, if they should arise.

Think of the internet like the streets of a big city, connecting everyone together. Now imagine those streets at 5 p.m. on a Friday with wall-to-wall cars. To prevent rush hour-style congestion on their networks, many internet service providers place data caps on their users, limiting their data to a set amount each month. What happens if you exceed your limit? Depending on the service, you’re likely to face overage fees or have your internet slow down until the following month.

Rise Broadband has a standard data cap of 250 GB on all of its plans. This policy sounds like it might be restrictive, but it’s enough data to stream a three-hour movie like “The Godfather” every day for a month and still have enough data left over for shopping, browsing social media, and emailing your therapist about your growing obsession with the Mafia.

Still, if you do go over your monthly data allotment, Rise Broadband charges you $5 for blocks of 10 GB (which can add up pretty quickly). Of course, you can also opt for unlimited data on any Rise internet plan by paying an additional $20 per month, and we think that’s a pretty stellar deal for what you’re getting. We put together the following table to summarize all you need to know about Rise Broadband data caps:

Rise Broadband Data Caps

Plan typeData capData cap equivalence
Regular250 GB103 hours of HD video
UnlimitedN/AUnlimited access

Rise Broadband Internet Customer Service

When it comes to dating, good looks and money will probably get you noticed, but character and personality are going to be what keeps things going. The same goes for internet companies. 

Speed and affordability are great, but the thing that really sets one company apart from the rest is its commitment to customer service. After all, when you have an internet slowdown right before a big report is due, you need someone there to help get things back on track.

Rise Broadband has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. This rating means Rise Broadband has shown itself to be accessible, and it makes a good faith effort to resolve customer service issues. In many of the customer complaints we reviewed concerning Rise Broadband, it wasn’t uncommon for them to waive fees or refund payments to satisfy the customer. In a world where people will do anything for a dime, that’s a pretty big display of commitment.

In terms of customer service channels, Rise sticks to the same sorts of options that you’ll find with most providers, including phone and email, though we did find the social media options to be innovative. One drawback we did find is its discontinuation of live chat, which is more or less a staple of online support these days.

The Value of Rise Broadband Internet

You’ve researched all the plans. You’ve given the customer service a good look. You’ve even consulted your astrologer, but you still don’t know if Rise Broadband is right for you. Don’t worry! We put all the pros and cons of Rise Broadband in one place for you to make your decision:

  • Ability to connect in rural areas
  • Highly rated customer service
  • Range of cybersecurity options
  • Free installation for some plans
  • Internet phone available
  • Data caps and overage fees
  • Possible interference from weather
  • Equipment rental required
  • Mediocre download speeds

In the end, Rise Broadband could be a good pick for you if you live in a rural area with limited internet infrastructure. The speeds you currently get with Rise Broadband over fixed wireless aren’t going to match those you’ll get with cable or fiber, but you will still be able to secure a reliable internet connection. If your choices are between Rise Broadband, satellite internet, or no internet at all, we recommend giving Rise Broadband a try and seeing what all the hype is about.

Frequently Asked Questions About Rise Broadband Internet

Is Rise Broadband internet available in my area?

See if Rise Broadband is available in your area by entering your address into the search bar below. You can also scroll further down the page and see if your location is on the Rise Broadband coverage map.

Check Availability By Address

What types of internet connections does Rise Broadband offer?

Rise Broadband offers fixed wireless internet connections.

Does Rise Broadband allow me to self-install my internet?

Rise Broadband doesn’t allow you to self-install your internet, because it requires placing and calibrating a specialized antenna to use the service.

How fast is Rise Broadband internet?

Rise Broadband internet reaches speeds up to 250 Mbps.

What is the most popular Rise Broadband internet plan?

Rise Broadband’s most popular plan is the 50 Mbps Internet plan, featuring download speeds up to 50 Mbps for $55 per month.

How much does Rise Broadband fixed wireless internet cost?

Rise Broadband offers fixed wireless internet for promotional prices starting at $25 per month for 12 months.


Rise Broadband Coverage Map

Rise Broadband is available in 18 states across the United States, including Utah. See if Rise Broadband is available in your area using our coverage map.

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