Is Dial-up Internet service too slow for your needs? Are you tired of it taking forever for Web pages to show up? Do you still stare at the progress bar while you’re waiting for a picture to download? If this rings true, then it sounds like you’re ready for high-speed, broadband Internet service from Frontier.

Fast Speeds, Direct Connections

Frontier Internet service makes use of DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) technology, which means it connects to the Internet over the traditional telephone line network. The difference is DSL doesn’t prevent you from making phone calls while you’re surfing the Web—you can do them both at the same time.

Another feature of Frontier’s Internet service is that each customer has a direct connection to the company’s central office—you won’t have to share bandwidth with your neighbors as cable Internet customers must do. Like water pressure, the more users using a local cable network draw the speed down; this doesn’t happen with Frontier high-speed Web access.

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Frontier Internet uses VoIP (Voice Over IP) to make phone calls; essentially, it’s an Internet phone. It has similar features to traditional telephone service, too, such as caller ID, voicemail and call waiting. That means you won’t get kicked off the Internet each time someone dials your telephone line, either.

One of Frontier Internet services greatest features is the ability to combine your Web access with satellite TV and/or VoIP phone into one bill. You’ll save more money than if you bought these services separately. Frontier offers business plans, too—some with unlimited local and long-distance calling.

Frontier television bundles feature a partnership with DISH Network satellite TV, so you’ll get the same service as other DISH subscribers. Like satellite radio, you’ll need a satellite dish to garner the signal. You won’t have to buy all three—Frontier allows you to bundle just two of these services if it better suits your needs.


While speeds may vary in your area, Frontier offers two basic plans.

  • Broadband Max: This choice offers speeds up to 12 Mbps. This is the company’s fastest plan.
  • Broadband Lite: This choice offers speeds up to 1 Mbps, which the company says is eight times faster than traditional dial-up access. This plan isn’t as quick as the Max plan, but it’s less per month.

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If you sign up for Frontier Internet service, you’ll also get up to 4GB of email storage and nine accounts. The company’s service features a full sync with BlackBerry phones and has no usage limits. Frontier has 24/7 phone support and sends specially-trained technicians to your location to ensure your Web access works smoothly.

If you’re ready to upgrade to high-speed Internet access, free up your telephone line or package telephone or cable television into one bill, then Frontier Internet service just might work for you. By signing up for Frontier Web access, you’ll get a constant connection and Internet service that will let you download movies, stream music and deal with large email attachments with ease.

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