Camp Roberts

Monterey, California

Included zipcodes 93940 93942 93943 93944

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Fort McCoy also is the headquarters of Naval Mobile Construction Battalion-25 (Spades and Clubs) which served a distinguished tour in Iraq and SOUTHCOM (including Cuba, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, and earthquake disaster relief to Haiti). The 181st Infantry Brigade is the largest unit stationed at Fort McCoy. The brigade is responsible for training selected United States Army Reserve and Army National Guard units in the Central-Northern United States to support contingency operations in the Global War on Terror.

Military Population
Avg. Home Price
Avg. Monthly Rent
* 2012 demographics profile of the military.
** Data based off of 2013 census data.

Check Out These Schools In Your Area!

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School Name Grade Type
Bay View Elementary
KG - 6 Public
Walter Colton
KG - 8 Public
La Mesa Elementary
KG - 6 Public
Monterey High
9 - 12 Public
Monterey Peninsula Unified School District Communi
9 - 12 Public
Monterey Peninsula Unified School District Communi
6 - 8 Public
San Carlos School
KG - 8 Private
Trinity Christian High School
9 - 12 Private
Foothill Elementary
KG - 6 Public
Pacific Grove High
9 - 12 Public
York School
8 - 12 Private
Pacific Grove Middle
5 - 9 Public
Area Military Banking

Military Banking Locations

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Navy Federal Credit Union Monterey

1650 Lake Del Monte Dr
Monterey, CA 93943

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Monterey, CA


Monterey, CA

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Monterey, CA

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Cities Near Camp Roberts

Not everyone wants to live as close to base as possible, check out these surrounding cities.

City Distance Population Avg. Home Price Avg. Monthly Rent
Del Monte Forest 3.8 miles 6,439 $945,200 $2,000+
Seaside 3.8 miles 33,729 $367,400 $1,503
Pacific Grove 2.8 miles 15,365 $667,000 $1,445
Marina 7.6 miles 20,198 $364,400 $1,137
Salinas 15.2 miles 154,077 $254,900 $1,120
Del Rey Oaks 2.6 miles 1,727 $495,500 $2,000+
Prunedale 19.0 miles 18,574 $368,900 $1,382
Carmel Valley Village 12.2 miles 4,321 $738,000 $1,863
Sand City 2.3 miles 355 $541,700 $1,335
Spreckels 13.3 miles 939 $533,200 $624

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