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Metronet Plans & Pricing

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Metronet Plans & Pricing

Internet Speed
Internet Speed:
Up to 5 Gbps
Availability in the U.S.
Availability in the U.S.:
10 States

Metronet Internet Connections and Availability

The industrial revolution may be over, but the technological revolution is just getting started. People across the nation have almost as many choices in connection type as brands in the supermarket cereal aisle. Luckily, Metronet makes your decision a little simpler. Metronet has one kind of connection — fiber. That’s it, folks. But boy, is it a good one. 

As the 9th-largest fiber internet provider, Metronet bestows its heavenly fast fiber connectivity on approximately 3.1 million residents across 10 states, including Illinois, Kentucky, and Indiana. While 10th place isn’t all that great in the Indianapolis 500, it’s a virtual pole position in the world of internet service providers, with plenty of potential to move up the ranks.

Metronet internet speeds reach up to 5 Gbps, while prices start at $49.95 per month. That said, Metronet does vary prices in some regions, so look for more competitive pricing near you.

Metronet Connections

Connection typeTransmission methodPrice (starting at)Download speeds
FiberFiber-optic cables transmitting pulses of infrared light$49.95 per monthUp to 5 Gbps

Where does Metronet offer service?

Metronet is available in these states:

Metronet Internet Contracts and Data Caps

Put your party pants on, because it’s time to celebrate! Metronet is that rare breed of internet service provider that doesn’t require you to sign a long-term contract. You can breathe a deep sigh of relief knowing you’ve got the freedom to leave Metronet without fear of astronomical early termination fees. We found this feature especially attractive to students or others who require flexibility in their home services. Plus, Metronet prices come with a 24-month guarantee on select plans, so no big price hikes anytime soon.

Now that you have your party pants on, it’s time to dust off that paisley silk shirt hanging out in your closet and rejoice, as Metronet has no data caps! Metronet allows you to use as much data as you like for as long as you want, without extra fees, punishing data lags, or hangups. Here’s our quick table recap of Metronet’s data caps (or lack thereof):

Metronet Internet Data Caps

Connection typeData capData cap equivalence
FiberUnlimitedUnlimited access

Metronet Customer Service

All the necessary ingredients for the perfect apple pie may be sitting on the counter, but if you don’t have an oven to cook them, they’re just a bunch of fruit and flour fluff. The same goes for internet.

You could find all of the incentives one could dream of in an internet provider, from contract-free plans to unlimited data, but if you don’t have at least decent customer service, then the final product almost always falls short. And the lack of contract requirements means that when customers get fed up, they can simply walk away. 

Currently, Metronet has an A+ rating with the BBB, which is pretty good in our books. The complaints Metronet has resolved on BBB through the Metronet Regulatory Department seem to be thorough and reasonable. One complaint even came with a full history of the payments and dialogue between the customer and the company.

That said, Metronet provides several ways to find help with service, including a FAQs section with video tutorials, a request submission button on the website, and two separate phone lines for service or invoice-related issues. If you do have a complaint or need assistance with your fiber internet, Metronet has it covered.

The Value of Metronet Internet

Congrats! You’ve seen everything that Metronet has to offer as an internet provider. Before you make a final decision, let’s step back for a moment and review the pros and cons of Metronet internet services:

  • Lightning-fast internet
  • No data caps or contracts
  • Affordable internet bundles 
  • Fantastic promotional pricing
  • Limited availability 
  • Middle-of-the-road customer service
  • Unavoidable monthly technology service fee

Metronet offers customers a great opportunity to gain access to the newest technology and fastest speeds found throughout the U.S. While Metronet's customer service could use a little more attention, the affordability and speed of Metronet internet are hard to beat If you live in Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, or the surrounding states, we recommend giving Metronet’s fiber internet service a chance.

Frequently Asked Questions About Metronet Internet

Is Metronet internet available in my area?

Find out if Metronet covers your area by typing your home address in the search bar below. Alternatively, you can scroll down the page to the Metronet coverage map to see if your area appears in a blue highlight. If so, you can sign up today!

Check Availability By Address

What types of internet connections does Metronet offer?

Metronet only offers fiber internet service.

Does Metronet allow me to self-install my internet?

Metronet only allows you to self-install your internet if you are a student. In this case, Metronet will send you a DIY installation kit free of charge and direct you to online tutorials to assist you with setup.

How fast is Metronet internet?

Metronet Fiber internet plans can reach speeds up to 5 Gbps.

What is the most popular Metronet internet plan?

Metronet’s most popular plan is the Gigabit Internet plan, with download and upload speeds of 1 Gbps for $69.95 per month.

How much does Metronet fiber internet cost?

Metronet fiber internet plans start at $49.95 per month.


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