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Fort Jackson

Columbia, South Carolina

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Fort Jackson was created in 1917 (as Camp Jackson) as the United States entered World War I. At the conclusion of World War I, Camp Jackson was shut down and the Camp was abandoned 25 April 1922 pursuant to General Orders No. 33, War Department, 27 July 1921. Camp Jackson was reactivated for World War II. At the conclusion of World War II, the post was to have been deactivated by 1950; however, the outbreak of the Korean War caused the post to remain active and it is still functioning in the early 21st Century. Fort Jackson is the largest and most active Initial Entry Training Center in the U.S. Army, training 50 percent of all soldiers and 60 percent of the women entering the Army each year. Providing the Army with new soldiers is the post's primary mission. 35,000 potential soldiers attend basic training and 8,000 advanced individual training soldiers train at Fort Jackson annually. Soldiers who have trained or worked at Fort Jackson live by the base's motto, "Victory Starts Here." The training is provided by the 165th, 171st, and 193rd Infantry Brigades Monday through Sunday for a ten-week period.

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* Militaryonesource.com 2012 demographics profile of the military.
** Data based off of 2013 census data.

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School Name Grade Type
Stevenson High
9 - 12 Public
KG - 12 Public
Sara Babb High
9 - 12 Public
KG - 12 Public
Broad River
KG - 12 Public
KG - 12 Public
Harbison West Elem
PK - 5 Public
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Navy Federal Credit Union Columbia

5424 Forest Dr Ste 100
Columbia, SC 29206

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Columbia, SC

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Nearby Cities

Cities Near Fort Jackson

Not everyone wants to live as close to base as possible, check out these surrounding cities.

City Distance Population Avg. Home Price Avg. Monthly Rent
Dentsville 4.0 miles 14,122 $112,700 $827
Woodfield 2.2 miles 9,484 $101,000 $949
Stateburg 22.2 miles 1,615 $159,100 $1,146
Hopkins 9.9 miles 3,257 $73,700 $848
Seven Oaks 13.8 miles 15,906 $136,100 $792
Elgin 11.2 miles 1,499 $143,100 $1,025
Lexington 18.5 miles 19,007 $174,900 $910
St. Andrews 11.7 miles 21,298 $105,500 $732
Oak Grove 14.3 miles 10,344 $126,400 $910
South Congaree 16.1 miles 2,475 $121,600 $668

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