Fort Monmouth

Oceanport, New Jersey

Included zipcodes 07757

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Fort Monmouth is a former installation of the Department of the Army in Monmouth County, New Jersey. The post is surrounded by the communities of Eatontown, Tinton Falls and Oceanport, New Jersey, and is located about 5 miles from the Atlantic Ocean. The post covers nearly 1,126 acres of land, from the Shrewsbury River on the east, to Route 35 on the west; this area is referred to as 'Main Post'. A separate area (Camp Charles Wood) to the west includes post housing, a golf course, and additional office and laboratory facilities. A rail line, owned by Conrail, runs through Camp Charles Wood and out to Naval Weapons Station Earle. The post is like a small town, including a Post Exchange (PX), health clinic, gas station and other amentities. Until the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, the post was open to the public to drive through; since that time, the post was closed to all but authorized personnel.

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* 2012 demographics profile of the military.
** Data based off of 2013 census data.

Check Out These Schools In Your Area!

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School Name Grade Type
Maple Place
5 - 8 Public
Wolf Hill
PK - 4 Public
Shore Reg High
9 - 12 Public
Harbor School
ALL - ALL Private
Point Road
PK - 4 Public
PK - 5 Public
KG - 6 Public
A A Anastasia
PK - 5 Public
Vincent S Mastro Montessori Academy
PK - 4 Private
Betty Mcelmon Elem Sch
PK - 3 Public
Creative Learning Center
PK - 1 Private
Frank Antonides
4 - 8 Public
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Navy Federal Credit Union Colts Neck

201 State Route 34
Colts Neck, NJ 07722

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Cities Near Fort Monmouth

Not everyone wants to live as close to base as possible, check out these surrounding cities.

City Distance Population Avg. Home Price Avg. Monthly Rent
New York 24.4 miles 8,354,889 $492,800 $1,200
Eatontown 2.5 miles 12,323 $322,100 $1,176
Keyport 12.5 miles 7,213 $279,600 $1,028
Belford 8.2 miles 1,434 $351,300 $2,000+
Tinton Falls 5.0 miles 17,933 $311,000 $1,886
Keansburg 12.6 miles 10,011 $221,800 $1,086
Shrewsbury 2.2 miles 3,899 $521,000 $2,000+
Farmingdale 11.3 miles 1,396 $313,200 $1,183
Lincroft 5.9 miles 6,436 $534,200 $396
Ocean Grove 7.2 miles 3,134 $397,500 $984

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