Fort Wainwright

Fairbanks, Alaska

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Fort Wainwright is a United States Army post adjacent to Fairbanks in the U.S. state of Alaska. It is part of the Fairbanks, Alaska Metropolitan Statistical Area. Since 1978 Fort Wainwright has been investigating and cleaning up soil and water contamination from a landfill and drum burial site, fuel terminal, coal storage yard/fire training pits, open detonation area and underground storage tanks. It was Superfund listed in 1990.

Military Population
Avg. Home Price
Avg. Monthly Rent
* 2012 demographics profile of the military.
** Data based off of 2013 census data.

Check Out These Schools In Your Area!

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School Name Grade Type
Ladd Elementary
PK - 6 Public
Fairbanks Youth Facility
KG - 12 Public
Arctic Light Elementary
PK - 6 Public
Anne Wien Elementary
PK - 6 Public
Chinook Montessori Charter School
KG - 8 Public
Barnette Magnet School
PK - 8 Public
Denali Elementary
PK - 6 Public
Hunter Elementary
PK - 6 Public
Joy Elementary
PK - 6 Public
Lathrop High School
9 - 12 Public
Nordale Elementary
PK - 6 Public
Ryan Middle School
7 - 8 Public

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Fairbanks, AK


Fairbanks, AK

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Fairbanks, AK

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Cities Near Fort Wainwright

Not everyone wants to live as close to base as possible, check out these surrounding cities.

City Distance Population Avg. Home Price Avg. Monthly Rent
Badger 9.3 miles 21,175 $204,900 $1,401
North Pole 11.7 miles 2,153 $210,500 $1,160
College 6.2 miles 14,568 $226,100 $933
Steele Creek 11.3 miles 6,180 $251,500 $1,405
Chena Ridge 13.2 miles 5,671 $261,100 $806
Fox 11.1 miles 510 $179,400 $0
Farmers Loop 5.7 miles 4,062 $247,900 $1,400
South Van Horn 4.9 miles 547 $25,600 $830
Ester 14.8 miles 2,653 $184,000 $841
Goldstream 14.2 miles 3,910 $210,900 $612

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