Windstream Internet


Windstream Internet service is offered through DSL (digital subscriber line) technology. That means that the signal comes through the same infrastructure lines as traditional telephone. The speed is much faster than dial-up modem access, though, and it won’t tie up your telephone line. That way, you can make phone calls and access the World Wide Web at the same time.

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Advantages Of Windstream

One great feature of Windstream Internet service is the ability to package several services into one bill. You can combine telephone, television and Internet access, which helps save more money than if they were purchased separately. Not only is the Web access better than dial-up, you’ll enjoy VoIP (Voice over IP) telephone service and digital cable television. VoIP phones make calls through the Internet and have many of the same features of traditional phones, such as voicemail, call waiting and caller ID. For television, Windstream partners with Dish Network to provide satellite TV.

Windstream offers three Internet access plans, each with different speeds.

  • 3 Mbps: This speed is good for surfing the Web, emailing and other basic Internet functions.
  • 6 Mbps: The company’s most popular plan, this speed is suitable for watching movies, downloading music or sharing Internet access among several computers.
  • 12 Mbps: The fastest plan offered, this choice is great for customers that want to stream videos, play online games or upload and download large files.

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For customers that bundle high-speed Internet, digital television and VoIP telephone, Windstream offers several security packages. They include 25G of online backup storage, which lets you save a copy of photos, music and other important files on Windstream’s Internet servers. If something happens to your computer (such as theft, fire or a natural disaster), you can access your files from any Internet-connected computer.

Depending on which security plan the customer chooses, the packages can also include McAfee virus and hacker protection software, automatic backups, identity theft protection, equipment warranties and accidental computer damage.

If you’re ready to join the world of high-speed, broadband Internet access, free up your phone line or save money buy bundling Internet, television and telephone services, than it’s definitely worth your time to consider Windstream Internet service.

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