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If you’re ready for high-speed, broadband Internet access, one of AT&T’s many services could be right for you. When it comes to providing Web access, AT&T is one of the biggest companies available. It offers several ways to connect to the Internet, including DSL, mobile and wireless access.


AT&T’s DSL Internet service runs on the same infrastructure as traditional telephone lines, but won’t tie up the phone like dial-up Web access. You can make calls and surf the Web at the same time without fear of getting booted off the Internet.

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U-verse from AT&T is a wireless gateway for your home or business. It connects all the devices in your location to the Web, including digital television and telephone service. Customers can sign up for solely Internet through U-verse, too, or mix and match from the various offerings. The technology makes use of fiber optic technology, which delivers a fast, reliable signal. U-verse home phone service has the same features of traditional phones, such as Caller ID and call waiting, and new features such as Visual Voicemail and web-based call management.

The company also offers broadband wireless services, such as 3G wireless. This Web access is portable; you can take it with you anywhere, even on a moving train. This is the same Internet signal powering smartphones and tablets like the iPhone and iPad. Wireless Internet is faster than dial-up service and its connection remains constant—no logging in.


AT&T Internet service customers have several plans to choose from, each with different speeds and prices. Pro offers download speeds of three Mbps; Elite offers six Mbps; Max has download speeds of 12 Mbps; Max Plus offers 18 Mbps and Max Turbo features download speeds of 24 Mbps. Pricing for each plans depends on whether the Internet service is bundled with telephone or television and the company’s various introductory offers.

Advantages of AT&T

Few companies have as many services as AT&T or offer such flexibility in creating packages. AT&T offers bundles, meaning you can package digital television and home telephone with your Internet access. That is less expensive than buying the services separately, and adds the convenience of just one bill, too.

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Also, the company’s U-verse service is constantly innovating—the wireless gateway connects to an ever-growing number of devices, including home health aides, cordless digital television receivers and DVRs. And as a U-verse customer, you can always add new services as you decide you want them. You’re never stuck with too few options.

If you want to download and watch movies online, stream and buy music, video chat or game online, then it’s time for you to upgrade your Internet service to broadband. With so many service offerings, AT&T will most likely fit your needs, whether it be DSL, U-verse, wireless or mobile access.

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