Broadview Security Merges With ADT Security Services

Broadview Undergoes Positive Changes

For decades, the name “Brinks” was associated with the highest grade in security, particularly in their famous armored cars. When Brinks entered the home security business, the company found such unprecedented success that the home security division split off in 2008. Under the name “Broadview Security”, the company continued to provide customers with top-notch home security systems. In 2010, Broadview merged with ADT, a leading name in the home security industry. SEE ALSO: Everything You Need To Know About ADT Pulse

Service Areas

As part of the ADT family, Broadview Security customers have come to expect outstanding service from nearly every corner of the United States. In 2011, Tyco International, the owners of both ADT and Broadview, split off the company into three separate entities. ADT North America now provides more than 6.4 million residential and business customers in the U.S. and Canada with security and fire alarm systems.


In most instances, former Broadview Security customers will see little change from the levels of customers service they had encountered under the company's previous leadership. The ADT system delivers on the promise of both advanced technology and efficient customer service that former Broadview Security customers have come to expect. In addition to the security offered by the company's monitoring service and wireless alarm systems, customers can also take advantage of discounts on their homeowners' insurance premiums.


ADT/Broadview Security customers have the option of installing either a hard-wired or wireless alarm system. The components include:
  • Control panel. The control panel alerts the user when and where an alarm has been triggered.
  • Touchpad. Each system comes with one user-friendly touchpad.
  • Door/window sensors. Each system comes with two sensors to detect unauthorized entry.
  • Motion detector. The detector activates when it picks up unauthorized movement.
  • Indoor sounder. The loud alarm drives away intruders and alerts neighbors.


ADT/Broadview Security systems include numerous home safety features. These features include:
  • Connection to 24/7 rapid response team.
  • Medical alert system to send emergency response personnel.
  • Panic buttons to alert remote monitoring centers.
  • Flood and temperature detectors.
  • Carbon monoxide detectors.
  • Fire/smoke detectors.
  • Intruder alert monitors.
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ADT/Broadview Security offers a wide range of plans to meet the needs and budget of most customers. Monthly fees include Quality Service Plan (QSP). These plans include:
  • QuickConnect Plus: Total Installation: $299.00/Total Monitoring Fee w/ QSP: $42.99.
  • Essentials Plus: Total Installation: $349.00/Total Monitoring Fee w/ QSP: $35.99.
  • Critical Conditions: Total Installation: $399.00/Total Monitoring Fee w/ QSP: $38.99.
  • Essential Plus RF: Total Installation: $449.00/Total Monitoring Fee w/ QSP: $35.99.
  • Family: Total Installation: $549.00/Total Monitoring Fee w/ QSP: $46.99.


Before its merger with ADT, Broadview Security was the #2 home security company in the U.S. Since the merger and the spinoff, ADT North America is now the #1 home security provider in the industry. With more than 16,000 employees and over 6.4 million customers, ADT will continue to provide the high quality of service that Broadview customers have relied on for years. For more information on ADT/Broadview Home Security's plans and services, click here.
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