Home Security With Brinks Is Now ADT


Brinks Broadview Home Security Is Now ADT

Brinks may be one of the most well known security companies in the United States. Brinks was founded in 1858 in Chicago, and has since expanded its reach to over 150 companies with revenue exceeding $3 billion as of 2011. Brinks is most well known for securing cash and other valuables in its blue armored trucks, and has moved its focus primarily to that. In 2008, Brinks separated its home security sector into a subsidiary called Broadview Security. In 2010, Broadview Security was acquired by Tyco International, the parent company of ADT Home Security, which co-opted the Broadview/Brinks Home Security under its own brand in September, 2010.

ADT is the nation’s largest home security provider, and currently operates the Brinks-Broadview brand under its own name, with over six million customers in the United States.

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Service Areas

ADT serves customers globally, with 36 monitoring centers worldwide and 10 dedicated centers in the United States. ADT is available nationwide, with service centers in every state served by over 20,000 technicians.


As the largest home security company in the nation, ADT has a number of benefits for customers to take advantage of. For instance, their advanced technology provides an easy, efficient way for you to secure your home with the latest technology available. Since the merger with Brinks, ADT has been able to give customers more monitoring centersthan any other company. ADT has over 130 years of experience and acts on approximately 200,000 calls per day or 3.3 customer transactions every second.

Plus, you can save money on your homeowner’s insurance (up to 20%)by using an ADT home security system in your home.


Much of ADT’s equipment is wireless and can work remotely. Some of the hardware includes:

  • Digital keypads, to arm and disarm your home with your own personal pin code
  • Keychain remotes for wireless access
  • Infrared motion detectors that are pet proofed
  • Smoke, heat and carbon monoxide detectors to trigger an alarm response in case of fire or carbon monoxide
  • Water sensors that can stop leaks from becoming floods
  • Freeze sensors that give you warning against potential problems due to weather


ADT comes with a number of features to help secure your home:

  • Sophisticated sensors and detectors to give you the most accurate, up to date information
  • Wireless equipment for easy installation and no messy wires
  • Cellular and battery backups so service is unlimited, even in power outages
  • Two way voice that allows you to communicate to emergency response teams through your keypad
  • CellGuard plans mean your home security system with ADT does not need a landline to function
  • Personal emergency buttons to immediately get an emergency response
  • Constant monitoring your home will be monitored by ADT’s thousands of professionals 24/7

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Home security packages cover a variety of price points and come with various features. Plans with ADT start as low as $9 per week, and include:

  • Essentials: $36.99 per month, with basic security detail
  • Essentials Plus: $42.99 per month with two way voice capabilities to communicate with emergency response teams from your security controls
  • Total Protection: $44.99 per month with CellGuard for customers without a landline
  • Total Protection Plus: $47.99 per month, their most popular package, with CellGuard and two way voice capabilities
  • Premium Protection Plus: $53.99 per month, with limited home automation like lights and cameras that can be controlled remotely

Additional features and equipment can be added a la carte through ADT directly. All plans come with yard signs and window decals for an added sense of security. As of February 2013, new customers to ADT are eligible for $100 gift card promotion.

For more information on ADT Home Security services, please visit www.adt.com.

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Updated on: November 10, 2015

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